I’m lunaKM. I’ve been many roles in my life, but right now I’m at an impasse. This blog has changed in importance from year to year and now I’m going to make it something else entirely. This is going to be my space to work on me.

I will rediscover what makes me happy and then seek it out.

I will revitalize my marriage with KnyghtMare so that it is something precious and important again.

I will reclaim my submissive mindset so that one day I may be offered KnyghtMare’s collar.

I will be me again, not this empty shell of a person that I’ve become.

This blog is no longer somewhere I will go to complain, whine or fuss about what isn’t working in my life. I will use it for good. Positive improvment¬†is the goal, with a focus on gratitude, healthy choices and introspection.

I hope you’ll join me in this new chapter.