Loki Is Sick

Thursday I took Loki to the vet because he’s been acting not quite himself for a few months.

He was diagnosed with late-stage kidney disease. It’s a common old-age disease, but it doesn’t make it easy. It means he’ll slowly decline until he just can’t do it anymore. And then we’ll have to say goodbye. The vet gave us an outlook of a year. If he responds to the new diet and any support meds he might be fine for longer.

The disease will make his fur dull and shaggy. He’ll continue to lose weight and muscle mass. He’ll get weak and sleep a ton more. He’ll not eat. He’ll drink but it won’t be enough to clear the toxins in his blood.

I’ve got to try and be the best kitty momma right now that I can. I’m drowning in anticipatory grief and fear and Max’s ghost. Max hasn’t been gone a year yet and I’m already preparing to say goodbye to another kitty. My heart aches.


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