Stop Standing Still

I’m doing okay. Since my father and I hadn’t seen each other for 10 years the pain of his loss is different and muted somewhat. I’m looking for normalcy at this point and desperately crave things to just function as they should, I want to move forward in my life. Not just sit still. I’ve been sitting still for so long.

Being newly recollared and not having had the chance to even talk about what that might mean for our future is driving me insane. I know why we’ve not talked about it. Dad stuff came up just days afterward.

KnyghtMare has been amazing in his continued support even though I know he’s taxed himself. He’s given of himself almost constantly since mid-May. I know he needs to take care of himself before he can even begin to think about what our relationship could become.

I’m just antsy for the next step. I think anyone would be.

I’ve got a few collar ideas that I keep looking at, waiting for it to be the right time for him to look at them, give his input and maybe pick one of them. I’d like to move out of this old collar soon.

It’s just a waiting game.


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