Last night, KnyghtMare asked me to be his submissive again! I had been hoping that my changes and progress on myself was making it evident that I can be a better person and worthy submissive for him. And now I can say that I am!

We had gone out for the night to a hotel that had a hot tub in the suite to celebrate our wedding anniversary and were laying in bed and he told me how proud he was of my progress and that I’m amazing (blush) and said he wanted me to be his submissive again if I’m ready.

I’m ready. As I said, I had been hoping that I had changed enough and worked hard enough to be a better person that it would bleed over into D/s as well.

So what’s our D/s like? We don’t know yet. There’s a lot of conversation that has to happen to figure all that out so once I know I’ll likely share it for archive purposes.

A collar also needs to be purchased. KM had held onto the old eternity collar I had worn but I held it this morning to decide if I wanted to put that one back on and it caused a turmoil of feelings and tears. I think it’s got history I don’t want to bring into my new life with KnyghtMare so he agreed that I could have a new one.

I’m so happy right now. I don’t know what my life as his submissive will be like yet, but I know that I’m ready to explore and see where he will take me.

Love you Sir!


PS: Another event happened yesterday that I want to share…

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