Maximus Passed Away

I’ve waited a bit too write about this so that I could not dwell on the loss of my beloved cat too much, but give him a sweet celebration of his life.

Maximus circa 2011

Max was 18 years old. He was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease three years ago. CKF is terminal. So I’ve known for a long time that he was going to leave us in that way. Almost two years ago he also developed diabetes which made monitoring his kidneys difficult. At that time I decided to treat the diabetes until he declined to a point it was affecting his quality of life.

About 6 weeks ago his decline was evident but I had convinced myself that as long as he was eating he was fine. He was not fine. He lost more weight and he couldn’t keep any food in his system long enough to do good. He was starving.

Two weeks ago I made the painful decision to end his suffering. One week ago I said goodbye. I hurt. My closest fuzzy companion of 17 years is gone.

Without the amazing support of KnyghtMare I don’t know how I’d be today. He’s been a wonderful shoulder to cry on, very supportive when I need to talk and receptive to my need to just cry. I’m so grateful for his love every single day.

My Memories of Maximus

I thought I’d share with you some lovely memories I have of Maximus so you can share in the joy and love his life gave me.

  • He was my shadow, always needing to be near me. When I left the room he would follow in short order. If he was asleep when I left the room, once he woke he would meow until I called for him.
  • He preferred to play with toys in secret. If he was caught in the act, he’d stop. You could hear him chirping and playing from the other room.
  • When the food alarm rang (yes I had an alarm), he’d run to the bowl straight away and then back to me and “tell” me to hurry up. Then he’d run back to the bowl.
  • He LOVED green olives.
  • Max loved small shiny objects like silver nail polish bottles, jewelry, tin foil, and coins. He would hoard them all around the house.
  • He wouldn’t eat the green pieces of the dry cat food. He’d munch around them and leave them behind.
  • He had a very set routine for the day and rarely deviated. After dinner was cuddle time with me and he insisted on it. I started calling it “me and Max” time.
  • Maximus was my sleeping companion. He’d park himself next to me up by my shoulder and he was always there. Nap time, bedtime, he was down for sleeping with Mommy.

Rest in peace Maximus. Mommy will always love you.


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