I Never Thought I’d Say It: Moo

A more recent development in my submissive life has been finding that I really enjoy being called a cow and having my body referenced as a cow. More specifically, I’m a fat cow and I have udders instead of breasts. I am still a fuck slut but the cow thing is new, interesting and gives me some interesting feelings.

First, the idea of body modification where I’d have longer nipples is extremely exciting and sexually appealing to me. I’ve always wanted nipples that were larger and more pronounced. I have flat nipples so unless I’m turned on they aren’t visible. I love the look of nipples being visible under clothing. It’s just so sexy to me. Well, I’ve come across people who have modified their nipples over time with suction, pumping and nipple bands. I’m all over that! For the people that I’ve discovered on FetLife, the process took at least a year for their results so it’s not a short term process. It also was painful, uncomfortable and lead to sensitive nipples. All things I am willing to endure if my nipples will change shape!

I am fat, I will likely always be fat even though I’m working to lose weight. So being called a fat cow was an interesting micro-evolution. KM was calling me a pig until recently and that just didn’t fit well. I didn’t like it and really just shrugged off his use of it. I started to think about it more as he used it more often and decided that I might like another animal reference and through reflection “cow” came up and it clicked. Yes, I know it’s a derogatory term for someone who is fat and for some reason that is part of why it feels right. It’s hard to explain but when I brought it to KM he was very open to it. So, through trials during sex play, it’s working. It works for me and it clearly works for him. It’s mildly humiliating for me but also somehow a huge turn on. Especially when it has to do with my breasts and the idea that I will have udders and nipples that he’ll be able to torment.

I’m also very interested in breast augmentation in the form of saline infusions. I’ve had one a long time ago and it was wonderful. I loved it! If I could make my breasts big and heavy and full on a regular basis (with longer, pointier nipples) I would love it. I would feel more sexually appealing and I’d be even closer to his perfect fat cow. It’s not cheap to do saline infusions. From getting the supplies, learning how to do it via a drip and the time it will take (over an hour each time) make it limiting right now. But what my life may be like in the future, who knows! It may become part of my tasks to work my nipples bigger and longer and to fill my breasts so they are heavy and full.

We aren’t interested in inducing lactation so I won’t be a dairy cow. But I am working on stretching my holes so they are big and can take large objects (like a bull, heh). I’d also really find it hot to do pussy pumping also, make my genitals big and puffy and swollen. It could work well with the idea of a human cow and fuck slut.

I’ve even chuckled at the idea of getting a cartilage piercing in my ear so I can wear a ownership tag like cows do now. No branding, but a cutting would rock. KM mentioned that shah had a cow bell and that maybe I should have one too. So the play ideas and role behaviors are growing. Who knows what will happen but I’m looking forward to figuring it out!


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