It’s Been a Long Time

I’ve not written here in a long time, but it’s not for the lack of things I could talk about. I’ve been through a lot since my last post. A lot of ups and downs. It’s not really something I wish to record with any permanence so I am going to just share some of the good that has come out of the past few months.

KnyghtMare and I are connecting again. It’s feeling pretty good and I hope it continues. The tension between us has slowly dissolved and that’s a great thing. We’re having fun again, we’re interacting as a couple again and though everything we are breathing the love back into our marriage.

We’re also playing again. It’s a newer development but I’ve been enjoying the marks, bruises, aches and pains I’ve received. The pleasant reminders are wonderful, but what’s more fantastic is the power exchange we have is like a drug and I am so addicted. He knows exactly how to bring out the best in me. I can’t wait to see how far I can go with his direction.

I’m going to therapy to work on the mental issues that got me to my lowest low and into this problem in the first place. We’ve been on a long journey and I reached a point that self-help didn’t work. But therapy is helping. Really helping. I am beginning to feel better, feel normal.

My future is blossoming. I’m going to enjoy it.


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