My First Hot Towel Shave Service for Sir

I’ve almost always shaved Sir’s face, especially since I asked for him to grow out his hair so that I could enjoy it. But it’s been perfunctory over the bathroom sink, nothing more.

Two weeks ago, Sir mused that he’d like it to be more of a pampering experience and I grabbed at the chance to make it more special. I knew I would not be using a straight razor and had to make do with what we had on hand until we could purchase more shaving specific supplies but I think I made it work.

First I laid a towel around his chest to protect his body from hot water and to catch hair. I did a hot towel treatment. I have barber towels coming in the mail so I used a handtowel tonight. Got it nice and steamy in the microwave and laid it on his face just so.

While he was enjoying the steam, I set to work preparing the razor, opening the bottles for aftershave, beard oil and shave cream and setting up my fingertip towel to keep my hands dry.

Then, I took off the hot towel and laid a dry washcloth on top of the apron towel to dab excess water off of the razor. Lathered the shave cream and massaged it into the bristles. I learned you need to do that to exfoliate and to lift the hair up away from the skin for easier shaving.

Then I started shaving, slowly, carefully. The light isn’t perfect but it was a lot easier to see with him sitting in the kitchen. I still have to learn how best to place my fingers to pull the skin taught without him feeling jabbed, choked or uncomfortable. I was determined to enjoy this too, so I took my time, focused on each step; rinse the razor, dab the razor, long downward strokes and then repeat.

Once his face was shaved, I wiped up the remaining shave cream and combed his mustache and goatee for trimming. That’s pretty difficult with the angles I have to get so I definitely need to work on that.

Then, it’s time for the cold towel treatment. You use the same hot towel as earlier if you don’t have a 2nd one standing by and you shake it briskly several times, it drops the temperature of the damp towel by several degrees and then apply it like the hot towel. This will close the pores.

Lastly, I applied after shave lotion and beard oil. This is an opportunity for me to learn a bit of face massage but I haven’t yet.

All done! It felt so good to be doing it for him, Sir looked far more relaxed and enjoying himself and I got a really good service high from it. It was like I was tuned into his pleasure and more focused that I have been recently.

To buy yet will be a badger brush and bowl set along with a handheld mirror. I’d like to use shaving bar instead of cream in a can as it’s supposed to lather better and it will feel more like a ritual for me to prepare.

I quite enjoyed it. I can’t wait to do it again! Who knew I’d enjoy this as much as I did!


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