More of You

I’m feeling more of you.
Not the being of you,
but that I’m connected to you symbolically
at your side.

To be at your service,
and gain pleasure from it
Has been a long road for me
A Journey filled with perils

Now, only now, do I see what I can be
for you, not because of you.
I am me, yet
the me that I am
You love, embrace and need.

Somewhere between the request
and the assent
the stillness has settled.
No objections, no questions
Only truth in trust.
This place I cherish.

Instead of needing you
to feel more me,
I know I can touch you
through me, as a part of the peace
and bliss that I nurture.

Thank you for being who you are
and not compromising
It’s forced me to turn around and look
into the mirror of my soul to find
that to have more of you, I needed more of me.

About lunaKM

I’m a full-time submissive in a D/s relationship. I am webslut to My Personal Blog, The Iron Gate, Submissive Guide, Submissive Journal Prompts, and help my Master KnyghtMare with Kink Network Sites. I started blogging when I was exploring D/s online in 2003. I needed advice, mentors and helping hands. Since then I’ve made it my mission to help novice submissives understand themselves and the services they wish to provide. Read more >>
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