New Year for a New You: Day 6 #yby2018

This took me a long time to think about, and then I forgot about it for a couple weeks. So, here it is about a month late :P

1. Create a specific goal for each of the five pillars of life: Relational, spiritual, mental, physical, and financial. The more detailed the better! Therefore, don’t say: “I want a better relationship with my spouse.” Do say: “I want to fall more in love with my husband every day this year! We can go on a real date without the kids once a month, find a racquetball court we can play at for two hours each week, and I’ll cook one of his favorite meals every Tuesday.”

Don’t just idly think about all the things you want to improve; everyone does that. Own your goals and be one of the few who executes an action plan to create a better life!

2. Then, map out how you’re going to get that goal using the instructions above.

This is no small feat and I’ve taken my time thinking about each of the pillars before writing up this post. I wanted to make sure that the goals I chose could be reached in a year or have substantial progress in them to feel like a success come to the end of December.


I want to light my relationship with KnyghtMare on fire! I will schedule date nights once a month, we’ll have playtime at least weekly and I’ll allow myself to feel sexually excited and act on it!


I will work every day to recover that submissive spark I once had and rekindle the bliss I once felt being KnyghtMare’s submissive. In this endeavor, I will use journaling with prompts, self-help exploration and meditation to reach understanding in myself. I also will ask KnyghtMare to serve him whenever the feeling arises so that I can remind myself what I can be again. I hope to be submissive to KnyghtMare at least part-time by the end of the year.


I’m recovering from a bout of depression. I will continue my self-care to improve my mood and find healthy ways to take care of myself weekly and schedule monthly self-care days where I do things to make me feel good like manicures, coloring, browsing the mall, etc. I will use my bullet journal to schedule self-care days.


I  will make concerted effort to eat healthy portions at appropriate sizes and to move my body regularly. I have trackers in my bullet journal to track my steps, water and veggie servings. I will make sure I’m reaching the recommended amounts as often as possible. I will exercise at least every other day for 30 mins each time.


Our finances are finally starting to bounce back so this year I want to get an emergency fund established with at least 1 month of income reserved. Ultimately I’d like 3 months of income in the emergency fund. I will set aside 10% of every check we receive and put it into the emergency fund account.

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