I’m Thankful – January 12 Edition

The deer that KnyghtMare hit in November has bitten us again. Our car was declared a total loss on Tuesday. Our insurance company has been great to work with on the claim and I’m grateful that they are going to cover the bulk of the loan amount remaining.

I’m also grateful that when we were buying the car, the dealer offered us GAP insurance and we took it. It has, in one swift motion, saved us from crippling debt. It will cover the rest of the loan amount that the main insurance isn’t. Once both claims go through, the loan will be paid in full. Thank you KnyghtMare for electing to get all the extras when we bought the car.

I’m thankful for Buy Here, Pay Here Car Dealers that understand some financial situations are out of your control. We were able to secure a reliable transport.

I’m grateful for the new car we have, may it bring us from point A to point B without issue.

I’m so grateful that KnyghtMare’s work is picking up again and shows no sign of reduction for the near future.

And I’m grateful for KnyghtMare. Throughout this stressful time, he’s been someone that I can lean on and share the anxiety with – someone that I am so thankful for each and every day.


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