New Year for a New You: Day 4 #yby2018

This is day 4 of Lisa Jacobs Annual Review. You can find the details on her site, Marketing Creativity.

  • What would you do in 2018 if you knew you could not fail?

I’d lose 50 lbs.

  • What are some things you could be doing that you’ve been too afraid to try? How can you stretch your comfort zone?

I used to enjoy having sexy photos of myself taken. I’m too ashamed of my body right now which makes me terrified of any camera. I suppose to get out of my comfort zone, I could start taking pictures of myself but I doubt I’ll share them with anyone.

  • What have you been struggling with for entirely too long?

Is this just a weight loss pity party? I’ve been struggling with my weight since I was 8. That’s definitely far too long.

  • What could you outsource, delegate, automate, and/or stop doing in 2018?

I have absolutely NO idea.

  • In what ways and which areas will you “upgrade” your life?

Well, this year isn’t going to be a home upgrade, but I need a computer upgrade and we need a bed upgrade.  My life, I plan, as I’ve said earlier, that I am going to lift out of this depression, embrace my submission again to hopefully make steps to regaining KnyghtMare’s collar someday.


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