Keeping Busy

We are dealing with a lot of financial stress right now which isn’t helping my positive mood improvement of my depression but I am finding that as long as I keep myself busy, things don’t feel as bad.

KnyghtMare hit a deer on the way home from bowling Wednesday. He’s fine but it did shake him up quite a bit. The car now needs some body work and thankfully we have full coverage so we only have to come up with the deductible to get it fixed, which will have to be by the end of the year and without a headlight we risk being pulled over and driving at night is not recommended. These winter months where it becomes night by dinnertime suck now without a car that has 2 headights.

I am getting a lot done related to Submissive Guide and I feel great about that. Busy hands and all that.

What I’d  like to start working on is reclaiming my submissive self. I feel like a bit of myself is missing and I need it back. The problem right now is with everything else going on, my personal inner work on submission has been pushed aside. I can do this though.  I’m strong enough.


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I’m a full-time submissive in a D/s relationship. I am webslut to My Personal Blog, The Iron Gate, Submissive Guide, Submissive Journal Prompts, and help my Master KnyghtMare with Kink Network Sites. I started blogging when I was exploring D/s online in 2003. I needed advice, mentors and helping hands. Since then I’ve made it my mission to help novice submissives understand themselves and the services they wish to provide. Read more >>
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