Weight Loss

I’ve been overweight since I was 12. I became obese after I got married, gaining over 100 lbs in 4 years. My highest weight was 342 lbs. After my divorce I decided to make a change for the better. My goal is to weigh 200 lbs and I don’t have a goal date mainly because it isn’t about the results, it’s about progression.

After a successful several months of weight loss in my senior year of college and getting under 300 for the first time in years, I gained it all back plus some and topped the scales at 369 pounds in January 2011.

I’m really tired to trying to lose weight and I’m ready to actually start losing. The site I’ve been using just isn’t inspiring me to use it every day. I’ve gone to the doctor to have some things checked out to make sure I’m not battling against health things that could make it harder to lose weight. It turns out I have hypothyroidism which does make it harder to lose weight, but only because I have to work harder to get my metabolism to work for me instead of against me.

I want real accountability. Real results. I need to be honest but I need the to stay away from the nutrition facts and tiny details. I’m hoping to make this a real food log and exercise diary. I’m not going to care about if I’m making the calorie requirements or meeting the calories burned that day. It’s just too frustrating with all the numbers.

I will be honest about how much I’m eating and how much I’m exercising. I’m changing who I am realistically. Completely. Freely.

I’m fat. I’m comfortable being fat. I want to be comfortable losing weight too. I am hypothyroid as well, so I struggle to see changes even if my efforts are stressful.

Exercise is a crux to me. I have a lot of issues with getting myself up and working out; but I do intend on boosting my diet with regular cardio and strength training.

My current long term goals are:

  1. I will make every effort to lose 1/2 to 1 lb a week with no more than 2 lbs a week.
  2. I will aim for 30 mins of exercise 5 days a week, although daily would be better.
  3. I will not let stress burden me overly much. I will not worry about the things I can do nothing about.
  4. I will plan every meal so that it is balanced and healthy. I will have a salad with every meal eaten out.

My daily goals are:

  1. Eat plenty of variety in dishes to not get bored.
  2. I will stick to a healthy eating routine.
  3. Exercise 30 mins or do one strength training routine.
  4. Take my vitamins

I have a SparkPeople.com account. If you would like to friend me there, I welcome it. I also encourage everyone to keep me accountable there.

Starting Weight: 369 lbs
Current Weight: 346 lbs

Next 10% Goal: 330 lbs