Weight Loss

I’ve been overweight since I was 12. I became obese after I got married, gaining over 100 lbs in 4 years. My highest weight was 342 lbs. After my divorce I decided to make a change for the better. My goal is to weigh 200 lbs and I don’t have a goal date mainly because it isn’t about the results, it’s about progression.

After a successful several months of weight loss in my senior year of college and getting under 300 for the first time in years, I gained it all back plus some and topped the scales at 369 pounds in January 2011.

I’m really tired to trying to lose weight and I’m ready to actually start losing. The site I’ve been using just isn’t inspiring me to use it every day. I’ve gone to the doctor to have some things checked out to make sure I’m not battling against health things that could make it harder to lose weight. It turns out I have hypothyroidism which does make it harder to lose weight, but only because I have to work harder to get my metabolism to work for me instead of against me.

I want real accountability. Real results. I need to be honest but I need the to stay away from the nutrition facts and tiny details. I’m hoping to make this a real food log and exercise diary. I’m not going to care about if I’m making the calorie requirements or meeting the calories burned that day. It’s just too frustrating with all the numbers.

I will be honest about how much I’m eating and how much I’m exercising. I’m changing who I am realistically. Completely. Freely.

I’m fat. I’m comfortable being fat. I want to be comfortable losing weight too. I am hypothyroid as well, so I struggle to see changes even if my efforts are stressful.

Exercise is a crux to me. I have a lot of issues with getting myself up and working out; but I do intend on boosting my diet with regular cardio and strength training.

My current long term goals are:

  1. I will make every effort to lose 1/2 to 1 lb a week with no more than 2 lbs a week.
  2. I will aim for 30 mins of exercise 5 days a week, although daily would be better.
  3. I will not let stress burden me overly much. I will not worry about the things I can do nothing about.
  4. I will plan every meal so that it is balanced and healthy. I will have a salad with every meal eaten out.

My daily goals are:

  1. Eat plenty of variety in dishes to not get bored.
  2. I will stick to a healthy eating routine.
  3. Exercise 30 mins or do one strength training routine.
  4. Take my vitamins

I have a SparkPeople.com account. If you would like to friend me there, I welcome it. I also encourage everyone to keep me accountable there.

Starting Weight: 369 lbs
Current Weight: 346 lbs

Next 10% Goal: 330 lbs


  1. slvazureogon’s avatar


    I am a Owned slave currently being trained at a Masters house to later be ready to go to my real Owner Master!

    So I kind of have a 24/7 RL realation in training! and OL relation with my Owner Master!

    I am pushed by both of them to loose my weight! and so far I have lost about 45 pounds since february this year!

    I am just doing what I love and that is to do bellydance/ disco at house 6 days a week and then of course alll other duties a slave has including domestic services!

    I would love to be Your friend in this and also to discuss things with you about the lifestyle! ;)

    I know that we both can be BBW but with a bit less fat than now and more muscles!

    Big woman as I am with muscles and great flexibility are very attractive on market and I was surprised to find that soo many liked my profiles on net!

    looking forward to talk more with you! :)

    love from


  2. Lynne’s avatar

    I too am plus size and have a thyroid problem. Always tired. With the increase in meds, felt alot better. As soon as meds were lowered, I tanked. . Always have struggled with weight. I have found results finally with excercise at least 6 times per week doing cardio, weights and floor excercises. I don’t deprive myself of food at all. Just aim for 1500 to 1700 calories per day whatever I want. The more I do it, the more I crave healthier foods anyway and feel really good. It’s hard when you are tired; my inspiration is when I meet the Dom for the first time in one month.
    Funny, also I just ordered “Different Loving” from Amazon upon advice from a Dom. I noticed you were reading it. I feel I can relate to you. You already answered two of my questions.

    Good luck,

  3. cupcake’s avatar

    Just wanted to let you know that if you don’t like the website you are using have you tried myfitnesspal.com ? I like it alot. I am a submissive ( I don’t like the term slave) in a M/s relationship. I have another 60 lbs to go. My Master is helping me by making me accountable to him. I text him each time I eat and how many calories. I won’t defy him and he knows this. I hope this helps. Have a blessed day, cupcake

    1. lunaKM’s avatar

      Ive tried myfitnesspal.com also. It’s okay I guess.

  4. Hisalone’s avatar

    oh my , thank you for the honest weight loss talk . plus sized myself for years , since childhood although i have monents of insanity when i starved myself and was thin by most standards.thin and unhealthy ,gained it all plus a bunch back . now trying to strike that balamce. knowing i will never be a size ten , being okay with that , with Masters help .trying ….the key word
    i am taken with the idea of texting Master when i eat , and answering to Him after he reviews my info .i will humbly offer that suggestion to Him soon . okay . now ! ,going to do it now ! i love that idea!
    being fit is great but what gets me motavated is thinking when i lose some weight i will be able to wear thigh highs that dont roll down cause of my chubby wiggly thighs honest .

  5. HeatherRenee’s avatar

    Your doing excellent with it, I lost 75 pounds last year and then turned around and gained it all back. I am heart broken and trying to get motivated to change my lifestyle back to healthy.

    D really doesn’t care either way, he really just loves me for who I am and as naturally dominant as he is, he really honestly just accepts me as bigger. In some ways I wish he didn’t, then maybe it would be so accountable for me.

    Anyway after reading this, it gives me even more reason to get going at exercising again.

    Have a wonderful week

    heather renee

  6. HeatherRenee’s avatar

    I just realized this is from 2012, I hope things are going ok for you in 2013, I know how it is to get sick that’s where my weight gain back started, I had pneumonia.

  7. SexyIrishEyes520’s avatar


    You can do this. I was 217 pound in 2009. I followed Weight Watchers and lost 80lbs. by October 2010. Since then life happened and I also hit menopause, so now I have gained back 15 of those pounds; but I have managed to keep off the rest. I get the feeling you know this will be a lifestyle for you rather than a diet, which is important for keeping it off. I also did not like exercise when I first started, but now I miss it when I can’t get it in. I wish you the best of luck. One piece of advice I can give is keep a food journal. Right down every bite you put into your mouth, it works. When I do that I always drop weight. Can’t wait to see your blog say 250lbs., you can do this!

  8. Masters_cumal’s avatar

    my heart goes out to you. you are strong though, and you can do this. i have battled with my weight for many years. the worst part being told by my father “you would be pretty if you would just lose weight.” ive done so many diets that i was at the point of giving up and accepting that i would never be slimmer. my weight is not an issue with Master he says that he will love me 200 or 500 lbs. ive decided that 2013 will be my last year of being this way. i made the decision of having gastric by-pass surgery at the end of January.

    1. lunaKM’s avatar

      I wish you the best on your journey. I personally won’t alter my body to lose weight and weight loss surgery is a relationship ender for KM so it’s not ever planned. If I can’t do it myself then I just will never accomplish it. I have faith that I will get there eventually.

  9. daddysfallnAngel’s avatar

    I two am on a weight loss journey. I’ve struggled with my weight for along time now. Yrs of a abusive relationship and health issues caused it. I’ve been trying to lose weight since July I’ve managed to lose a little over 60 lbs. But I seem tobe at a stand still. So iI’m trying to go back at it full force. I’m going to meet my daddy/Dom in about a month I want to somehow kick in some quick weight loss. I wish you the best of luck. Its a comfort to know someone else is dealing with the same issues.
    Love reading your blog

  10. mizzsam13’s avatar

    I have to say, I admire you for not even considering the weight loss surgery. I know it works for many people, and I have considered it myself. But it scares the crap out of me!
    I have struggled with my weight as well my entire life! I was born with hypothyroidism. It is hell. I cannot count the number of times I have tried to lose weight, and a thyroid disorder just makes it so difficult! I have given up many times.
    I hope you find success on this journey. Just know that there are many of us who are supportive of your goals!
    I have just now begun looking into the D/s relationship. Reading much of your blog has helped me understand a LOT. I just met a Dom, and I am very nervous/excited to see how it develops! I am completely new to this world.

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