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Now we are on to Saturday night’s party. I had contacted a good Dominant friend of ours who is experienced in saline infusions. She had mentioned several times at munches that she’d love to do a demo of a breast infusion. Now at first I wan’t so sure I wanted to try it but it didn’t take me long to get on board. Master was really excited to try it – who wouldn’t want bigger boobs? When I visited her on Wednesday she showed me the 4″ needles that she would be putting in my breasts. I have to admit I was scared.

Once we went back to the hotel to change for the party we were back and ready to play. The infusion was first on the list of fun to be had and we got all set up in a place with good lighting and she laid out the tools. I was beginning to get nervous but honestly once the needle touched my breast I was waiting for pain. She placed it horizontal to my chest, not directly in (just FYI), piercing the breast from the side.

There wasn’t what I thought to be pain. It was the normal pinch that a needle is and then… nothing? She explained that since we were going lower in the tissue that the pain would be less, and she wasn’t kidding. When the needle was seated all the way in she was ready to force saline into my breast.

As that happened the sensation was like a burning tingle. The tissues stretched and the needle was moved about 1/2″ every 5cc’s or so. For my first infusion I got 70cc’s in each breast. They looked fantastic!

While I was feeling high Master prepared to play with froggy. My part was to sit and watch, and watching his face while he plays is so very hot. I loved it. He was so intense with her that I was getting floaty just watching it.

(I’m not going to share what he did with froggy, that’s her story to tell.)

When they finished I cleaned up the station while she got aftercare in a corner.

That wasn’t the end of the night, but the time was running out for the space so playing with me couldn’t happen like we had planned. By that time I needed something and asked Master if I could just get a few minutes right there where we were. I asked him to slap my newly inflated breasts.

He started right off; again why pass up huge tits, right? OMG it sent me to heaven almost instantly. And I laughed. I laughed and laughed with joy just feeling so very good and fantastic. I tried so hard not to laugh but it was just the emotion that my body was giving me. It hurt don’t get me wrong but it was so damned good!

A fantastic party, a great time and bigger boobs that lasted 3 days! That was Mischief in May. I can’t wait for next year :)