My Rules


  • Be in bed before 11pm every day.
  • Write in my blog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • Write a personal letter to Master every Sunday. (rule suspended)
  • Complete one assigned essay each week or as requested. (rule suspended)
  • Hold doors open for Master in the approved manner. Opening a pull door and waiting outside for Master to enter. Opening a push door and standing just inside until Master has entered.
  • Order food for Master at restaurants. Make sure that cold drinks are ordered without ice.
  • No soft drinks without permission. Failure to ask before the server arrives means I must drink water. Only one serving of pop is allowed, followed by refills of water only.
  • May watch only 4 hours of TV/online video each day. 5 hours on weekends.


  • Keep a regular diet. This means keeping my diet and exercise routine somewhat regular.
  • Exercise M-F for at least 1/2 hour.
  • Shave every other day or as needed to prevent stubble; whichever comes first. Shave all areas on the same day.
  • Do not remove His collar without express permission.
  • Wear make-up before leaving the home.
  • Hair must be worn down whenever possible.
  • No clothing worn at home without permission.


  • Prepare coffee each morning for Master.
  • Wake Master at 9 am on weekdays. Noon on weekends and holidays.
  • Keep the bedroom floor clear of laundry.
  • Never let the gas tank go below half full.
  • Ask permission before spending any money or withdrawing it from the bank.
  • Dishes are to be in the dishwasher before bedtime.


  • In a D/s setting always address a submissive’s Dominant before addressing a submissive.
  • In a D/s setting all Dominants are to be addressed as Sir or Madam [name].
  • Be polite and courteous to all.
  • Address Master as ‘Master’ or ‘Amo’ when in vanilla public.
  • Don’t make fun of Master.
  • Use ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ when appropriate.
  • Say ‘Yes Master’ and not ‘yup’, ‘yep’ or any other such slang.
  • ‘Yes Master’ is used to reply to every single request.
  • Do not swear or curse. This does not include sex or play time.
  • Do not lie.
  • When apologizing, say the proper apology. “I’m sorry Master, I was a bad girl.”
  • Permission must be granted to enter Master’s office. “Pardon me Master, may I enter?”
  • Present food and drink with the phrase, “Your coffee Master.”
  • When Master asks for coffee, the response is, “Yes Master, it is my pleasure to serve you.” If he requests a flavored coffee, acknowledge the request, “Yes Master, you’d like Hazelnut coffee, it is my pleasure to serve you.”
  • Maintain Master’s beard and mustache so that he is presentable. This means keeping the razor sharp, the trimmer charged.
  • Offer to apply lotion to Master after his shower, treat this like a mini-massage.


  • Wear a butt plug every other day for at least one continuous hour. May be worn to bed.
  • Provide Master a foot soak and massage every Sunday. Offer sexual services at this time. (rule suspended)
  • Ask Master to give him a blow job every day. *new
  • Appreciate is orgasm from a blow job and learn to swallow without the terrible faces *new
  • Respond to his touch every single time with flirting, appreciative sounds and also spontaneous touching him as well. *new