100 Things About Me

1. My name is Jennifer, not Jen, Jenn, Jennie, or Jenny.
2. I have an affinity to peanut butter and chocolate.
3. I’m a dog person, but I have 2 cats.
4. I have one sister and 3 brothers. No one can convince me otherwise.
5. My parents say I had 4 siblings, but now have 3. My mother and father signed one of my brothers over to the state because of multiple personalities.
6. My mother and father physically, verbally and emotionally abused me, and only me.
7. My sister only found out about this last year.
8. I love the Food Network.
9. I’m a perfectionist with everything but my housecleaning.
10. I’m terrible at cleaning.
11. Master is the 5th man I’ve slept with and as far as I’m concerned he will be the last.
12. I’ve always been overweight.
13. I write poetry.
14. I can masturbate and orgasm in under 30 seconds.
15. I’m crafty. I love cross stitch, embroidery, crocheting, leatherwork and beading.
16. My favorite perfume is Vanilla Musk.
17. My favorite color is purple.
18. I have had 8 hamsters during my life, and none of them died under 3 years of age. The oldest was put to sleep at 4 yrs 3 mo. He had gone blind, deaf and lost all his hair.
19. The two cats’ names are Zeus and Maximus and belonged to my best friend before I took care of them.
20. My cats are my only connection to my best friend, as she now lives 1400 mi. away now.
21. I miss her everyday.
22. I love Reeses’ cereal. (peanut butter and chocolate..)
23. I have 8 Celine Dion CD’s.
24. My porn collection on my computer has surpassed 13 Gigabytes.
25. I love Spanish poetry.
26. I once got suspension in high school just “to see what it was like.”
27. When I need comfort I turn to food.
28. I no longer speak with my mother.
29. I do not want children, ever.
30. I never had a boyfriend I didn’t sleep with on the first date.
31. My choice to be submissive came from my distaste in being “in charge.”
32. I will graduate with my degree in Spanish in May of 2006.
33. I spent 3 months in France in 1997.
34. I love Anne Rice novels.
35. I’m trying to teach myself PHP.
36. I love Final Fantasy.
37. My fantasy is to be tied to a large dinner table, decorated as the centerpiece and then having a dinner party.
38. I love sauerkraut.
39. I enjoy cooking.
40. I made most of my friends online first and then met them.
41. I am still married. (To a lazy French man, grr)
42. If I could travel anywhere right now, I’d want to go to Egypt.
43. I hate peas.
44. I have chronic knee pain due to being overweight.
45. I faint if standing still longer than 10 min.
46. I talk a lot.
47. I love my freckles.
48. I wish my boobs were bigger, and the nipples were outties. I have 48DD’s.
49. I graduated 4: 256 in high school.
50. If I could live where ever I wanted, I’d live in New Orleans.
51. I want corset training.
52. I can’t live without Chinese food.
53. I’m very organized.
54. I worry A LOT.
55. I have tried dog food, just to see why the dogs loved it.
56. I’m obsessed with knowing everything I can about sex.
57. I love mummies and Ancient Egypt.
58. I’m afraid of heights, drowning, and suffocation.
59. I still have ghosts in my closet and monsters under the bed.
60. I do not know when to keep things about myself private.
61. I prefer hard and fast, rough and tumble.
62. I have fallen asleep during sex.
63. I’m queen at faking orgasms.
64. I used to masturbate 4 times a day, now it’s once a month.
65. The toilet paper must roll from over the top; it can’t come from the bottom.
66. I have been caught changing it at a friend’s house.
67. I sing very loudly in the car.
68. I’d rather be too hot than too cold.
69. My favorite sexual position is Doggie style.
70. I have a titty fetish.
71. I love Dalmatians.
72. Daisies are my favorite flower.
73. I’m allergic to most soaps, detergents and conditioners.
74. I used to hurt myself for attention as a child.
75. I was in an accident with my bicycle and never got back on.
76. I hate driving.
77. My favorite meal is roast chicken, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and corn.
78. I would prefer to die before Master. I don’t think I could survive without him now.
79. I believe there is a heaven, but I’m skeptical about the teachings of the Bible.
80. My favorite beverage is chocolate milk.
81. I love red lipstick.
82. I gave my wedding dress to my sister for her wedding, and it looked great.
83. I want to travel, but I get car sick, air sick and sea sick.
84. I do not drink, or smoke.
85. Master is my first D/s commitment.
86. I get paranoid if my pantry is empty.
87. I’ve had 3 surgeries for a polynidal cyst.
88. I’ve lived in Iowa my entire life.
89. I wish the US would deal with our problems first before trying to solve other nations’ problems.
90. I don’t want to live in this town much longer, I’m itching to move.
91. I’m afraid of disappointing Master.
92. I love Antonio Banderas.
93. I’m overly serious. I don’t get jokes and take most things seriously.
94. I have 3 tattoos, the first one I had, I got a bad reaction. I’m surprised I tried it again.
95. I love seafood.
96. I like to walk around the house naked.
97. I love Master more than I ever loved my ex husband.
98. This list is almost done, and I’m happy about that.
99. It has been 13 days since I felt happy.
100. I dream about winning the lottery, although I have never played.