I’m luna, KnyghtMare’s submissive since 2004. I’m a SSBBW with brown hair and blue eyes. I’ve been married, separated, divorced; and now married and living with my Master. I am a full-time stay at  home slave.

Master placed his permanent collar on me January 27, 2007. I’m learning and growing into the perfect submissive for him. I’m changing my behaviors, my attitude and my thought processes to become a better person. He proposed to me on Valentine’s Day 2010 and we married June 4, 2011.

This is an adult blog. If you get offended to talk of sex, sexuality and BDSM, please turn back now.

This site exists primarily as a personal journal written for my Master. I am to share internal thoughts and questions about my role in his life and our relationship. The importance that I keep these thoughts open to him is part of our dynamic. This blog began in December of 2004, just 2 months after he moved in with me. It has not all been roses and the story of our life is chronicled in my archives.

I also use this site as a home management journal. I keep recipes, chore lists, routines, things I want to save and other schedules that are geared to helping me maintain the home that KM wants of me. I use this site also to chronicle my continued efforts to be healthy and lose weight in the process. This is as real as it gets.

Since the beginning of this blog I have earned his collar, lost his collar and then regained it. I have graduated college, lost and gained on a continuing diet, and grown within my submission. I have so much more to gain and a long wonderful life ahead of me. I will continue to document my life here as long as I am allowed.

I have used this blog to raise money for various charities since it has existed through Blogathon. I see this as an excellent outlet for my community activism within the D/s lifestyle and have raised almost $1000 for charities that support BDSM in it’s varying forms. Blogathon 2005 brought in $48 for NCSF. Blogathon 2006 raised $489 for ITCR. Blogathon 2007 brought in $482.78, raising money for NLA-I DVP.