March Question Month: Cheating

I know that you have a poly relationship, but what would you do if your master cheated on you? And what is considered cheating in a poly relationship?

I consider cheating a relationship ending event so I would leave him. ┬áHistory with him or not, he knows that if he cheats I’m not sticking around.

Cheating, whether poly is involved or not, is having a secret intimate relationship. Poly is all about being open and trusting of your partner to have multiple intimate relationships. If you cheat, you’ve removed the openness and the trust. This Poly Weekly from 2008 is a one person’s opinion on what cheating is. You might enjoy it.



  1. Anonymous Spud’s avatar

    What if your Master were to partner with someone you did not approve of? Would you simply have to grin-and-bear-it?

  2. lunaKM’s avatar

    @Anon Spud – Depends entirely on why I didn’t approve of them. Since KnyghtMare and I are very transparent with each other there are times that his decision doesn’t make me happy and I have to just accept it. That would also apply to people he’s interested in. I know if the concern were completely valid he’d take it under advisement. After all, he doesn’t want to make me miserable.

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