Over the years, you’ve shared your money woes on your blog. Have you explored the idea of getting a job outside of the home?

Yup, I’ve explored the idea multiple times. But I think what many people who read here don’t realize is that I have a job. I work from home, but the Kink Network Sites that I manage are a job. I run them as a business. I make money from them and plan to make enough for a part time wage (or more) I’m half way to that goal right now. If we didn’t have Kink Network income we’d be far worse off than we were during Master’s unemployment.

If I took on another job outside the home that would impact the income I’m currently getting from running Kink Network sites. There are other challenges to overcome in getting a job outside the home that anyone who is flat broke can understand. I’ve not had a job outside the home for 10 years. My application/resume would reflect that. I was fired from my last job for sexual harassment (I shared FetLife with someone who said they were kinky… apparently not). The job would require a uniform… clothing I can not afford to purchase. We didn’t have gas money or lunch money for the longest time so getting to work and eating were challenges I’d rather not share with a potential employer.

Oh and let’s not forget that I’m Master’s slave. He makes the decisions around here. And he says, no outside job. I provide for him and my job is to take care of him and his home. The struggle is temporary and then we’ll be back on top again. It’s almost here. His work has got projects lined up and things are shaping up.  We see a better future.