Given the rough year that you and your Master have had, would you say that you’re happier today than you were a year ago? Two years ago? Three? Four? Five?

What would you change to make you happier? What could you change?


Currently no. The past 2 years have been hell for us financially but we are finally starting to see a glimmer of positive hope on that front. But relationship wise we are in the crapper big time and it’s been going south for years.

We are both at the lowest we’ve ever been and there are a lot of changes ahead to repair what’s going on. Much of it is my fault, to be honest, so I’m working on things and when we have money I’ll work on things with a therapist too. Until then we exist and take care of each other’s needs as they arise. We are committed to each other, and while a lot of people who read here think we shouldn’t be together, that we are too different, we know the score better than anyone and aren’t going anywhere.

You know, marriage used to be something you worked at, really hard. It’s an old-fashioned thing now to want to make it work and want to put forth the effort. Far too many people have divorce lawyers on speed dial these days.  Master and I have a really deep love for each other and really can’t see spending our lives with anyone else. So, our flaws and difficulties? Get worked through, dammit. It’s what makes us, us. While, I know, right now things are oppressively hard, I know that we can claw our way out of the darkness and step into the light together.

It’s just that important to us.