July 2016

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So, here we are in our new apartment. It isn’t somewhere we would have chosen if we had a choice. It’s a 3rd party dorm set up, so the tenants are young kids without a whole lot of life experiences. We are fighting cockroaches, KM’s bike has been stolen and the place is really small. I’m having to be creative with our storage solutions.  We have to keep chanting that this is just until we get back on our feet and fix our credit a bit. Then we can pick someplace we really will love to live. The cats are happy; they have large ledges along the window to sit in all day long. For us we have Diatametious Earth all over the place for the roaches, we’ll not put anything out accessible to others and we’ll make do with the space we have. 

I’ve spent today feeling horrible. Master thinks I have over exerted myself so the dizziness and fatigue I’m feeling will go away if I just rest. I’m worried it’s something more. I guess all I have right now is time. So, I’ll rest and see if it gets better.

Master has a contract for the next month’s work and it looks like we’ll be getting back on our feet very soon. That will be a huge relief.

I’ll be able to get back on track with Submissive Guide also. The stress and anxiety we’ve been under have impacted my desire to write and my motivation to keep going.

kaya shared some horrible news today that had me crying a few times. Her son was murdered last month. She’s going dark online and I don’t blame her. I’m so sad for her and I can’t imagine the pain she’s going through. If I think about it more I’ll be crying again. I’ll be thinking of her often and hoping she can find a way to live with the grief as best as possible.

Master is talking to Kiva again and is hopeful that he’ll be able to have some sort of relationship with her again.  With her talking to him he’s a lot happier and his anxiety isn’t as terrible. It’s almost like I have my Master back. I can’t say how negotiations are going to go with Kiva, but whatever does happen, as long as Master is himself again I’ll live with it.