I’m continuing March question month!


Have you found it any easier to process being in a mono-poly relationship?

Not really. The most stress and depression I go through now has to do with my inability to understand things from a poly perspective. Master is an extremely patient person and he’s so very helpful sharing his thought process and how things work in his head. But so many times I’m dealing with jealousy and selfishness and possessive behaviors. ┬áThe more time that passes it does bother me less, but the times that it does bother me are just as terrible as in the beginning. Now, I’m sticking with Master. Most people would say that I’m no longer compatible with him and that I should find someone else, but I don’t see it that way. I’ve fully consented to his being poly and it doesn’t make OUR relationship any less powerful because he has other relationships. The issues are completely mine to work through with his help.

Will KM still see Froggy when you move?

He says he will, but not nearly as often as he does now. He has said that it might be monthly or so, depending on his need. She’s a play partner only that takes care of his more extreme, edgy things that I can’t handle so when he needs it, he’ll likely set up a play date.

Do you have days where your rules are not enforced?

Nope, I’m his slave all the time. There are times, like when I’m sick, that my rules are more lax but he still expects me to obey him. Most of my rules are habit by now.

I also would like to tell you how much your blog and subguide have helped me with my own journey. I have found your advice and insights to be extremely helpful and I wish you all the best. I am sorry some mean, narrow minded people made you so upset a few months ago.

Thank you. I appreciate it.