Here are more questions for March Question month:

So how is it going with controlling the passive aggressive tendencies? Change is hard particularly when it is learned in childhood.

It goes. Master still has to tell me when I’m saying something that is pointy and needley and hurtful. Each time he has to direct me to my behavior helps me learn and hopefully be more cautious. Only he can really say for sure if I’m less of an asshole than when this all started. I’ll have to ask him!

Have you added any of the TPE items back into your relationship?

None of the rules and guidelines that were added when we tried TPE have been readded, no. :( I don’t think they are permanently off the table, but it will be a long while before I ask him for any new behavior rules.

Are you still considering moving?

More than considering, we ARE moving at the end of July. The cost of living here and the rent on this apartment are more than our current budget can afford. And the reason we moved is non-existent now too.

What’s up with Froggy these days?

No clue really other than what Master shares with me. I know her daughter has a birthday this week and Master is going to the dinner out with family. She got a raise at work recently too.


Thanks for the questions!