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Here’s my first set of questions for March question month!

In a recent post you mentioned KM stayed home for the weekend at Kiva’s husband’s request. Do you feel you could make the same request without any backlash?

Yes I believe I could. Master is always quite concerned with how I’m feeling and if I needed a weekend with him then he would make it happen. It would likely mean that he’s go see her for a Monday-Wednesday visit instead but I’d get my weekend with him if I asked for it.

Does KM still play with Froggy?

Yes he does, he has a standing date on Fridays with her.  He also goes over to see her on Thursdays during his lunch break for a massage.

Do you ever see or talk to Froggy and if not do you miss her? It seemed you two were getting close for a while.

No I don’t really see or talk to her. I don’t miss her either. We never connected as friends and I don’t feel we have anything in common other than KM.

What are your plans for the upcoming move?

Same as they were 2 years ago. Move closer to Master’s other partner so that the commute isn’t insane. This also puts us in the same area we came from 2 years ago and the same BDSM community as well as my mother (if she ever talks to me again).  Our lease ends July 28th.


Thanks for the questions!


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  1. Momoka Narloch’s avatar

    Last night I had a bad argument with my mother about my bdsm life and I found someone that I can am having trouble with idk if I should be bad or happy. My mother is in a bdsm

    And I wish I would have none they’re life style. It would have given me some to talk to so I would bet myself up over it . I felt so alone and lost, worthless, and like a freak. And trying to learn what the red flags of for people in the world. But I had to do this on my own no help I put myself in real real bad situation.

    They wanted to hide they’re life for what reason I don’t understand, cuz of an awkward conversation or that you to are ashamed of it

    This argument with be fixed with more arguing
    There needs to be an open and honest talk even if it is something they’re uncomfortable convention and the some for me

    I don’t want to lose my mother

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