Here’s my first set of questions for March question month!

In a recent post you mentioned KM stayed home for the weekend at Kiva’s husband’s request. Do you feel you could make the same request without any backlash?

Yes I believe I could. Master is always quite concerned with how I’m feeling and if I needed a weekend with him then he would make it happen. It would likely mean that he’s go see her for a Monday-Wednesday visit instead but I’d get my weekend with him if I asked for it.

Does KM still play with Froggy?

Yes he does, he has a standing date on Fridays with her.  He also goes over to see her on Thursdays during his lunch break for a massage.

Do you ever see or talk to Froggy and if not do you miss her? It seemed you two were getting close for a while.

No I don’t really see or talk to her. I don’t miss her either. We never connected as friends and I don’t feel we have anything in common other than KM.

What are your plans for the upcoming move?

Same as they were 2 years ago. Move closer to Master’s other partner so that the commute isn’t insane. This also puts us in the same area we came from 2 years ago and the same BDSM community as well as my mother (if she ever talks to me again).  Our lease ends July 28th.


Thanks for the questions!