Master is getting back with froggy. Not in the same sort of way as it was before they broke up, but there’s still a connection and he still needs an edgier play partner. So, on Friday he’s going over to her place for a play date. Right now I know they are just testing the waters if being play partners will work for them. I also know that Master doesn’t want to be in a relationship like they once had. If anything came from it, they’d most likely have a limited, structured D/s relationship.

And she has to be okay with the fact that we are moving next summer to be closer to Kiva. Which sounds like she’s okay with but who know how things work out right?

I’m not sure how I feel about this whole thing really. She messed him up something awful and he was not happy for a long time. I can’t see going through that again and I hope he can set up whatever sort of exchange that will work for both of them. I know he needs a sadistic outlet that I can’t provide. I’m just not nearly tolerant enough for what he needs. He’s okay with me being me, but that build-up of sadistic need can get too great sometimes and he needs an outlet.

So, for now I think he’s going to try to use froggy to get that relief. I guess we’ll see if anything else happens.

After being sick last week today is the first day back at the gym with weight training again. I’m ready I think. Still not enjoying the gym because it makes me feel exhausted and ill after, but that will come with time. I’m so out of shape and obese that I have a lot to overcome if I want to lose weight. Going to the gym is just one of those things. Food choices could be better and I will be working to shift those back to smarter, healthier foods. I have no problem eating the way I should, but those not so great foods are more tempting than I thought.

The cats are getting too clever. We already have child locks on the kitchen cabinet that the trash can sits in, and now I have to get locks for the bi-fold doors where there would normally be a washer and dryer, but instead is storage for, among other things, their food and cat nip. Loki can open the doors without issue. He got in there the other night, knocked down the tray that had the nip in it and a small baggie of dry food. The nip was everywhere and the dry food was devoured by Hermes (I’m assuming). We now have a bench in front of the door until the child locks arrive in the mail on Wednesday.  If only I could keep Hermes off the counter and out of the people food! Nothing phases him. Noise, nose taps, water bottle, kennel time, nothing. He’s right up there all the time, whether there is food or not.  Next goal is lemon oil cleaner as that is supposed to be a scene they don’t like.

This week I need to prepare for Nanowrimo by brainstorming and outlining what I plan to do for the month. I’ve got most of the month done for the site so that can pretty much be auto-pilot while I do my best to get close to 50K words by the end of the month. I really hope I can do it. I have so many plans and dreams that hinge on getting this content produced. It’s a lot more work than I thought it would be and while I still love writing for Submissive Guide I’m starting to wish it were making more money to compensate for the time I’m devoting to it. I guess we’ll see what happens as time goes on.