I got my new personalized program from the trainer on Thursday and I’m pumped and exhausted. I did one of the day’s strength training series and then today I did cardio only. Thankfully I have the weekend off. I’m gonna need it. Otherwise, the positive flow feels good. I made workout sheets in Evernote so I can track my progress  with the weights and know where I left off the previous time.  I weigh in on Monday which of course is right in the middle of my period. So… that may be off but I’m hoping for a loss anyhow.

Master and I are streaming together now, I don’t think I mentioned that. We are having fun with modded minecraft and he wants to figure out a set up where both of our views on on the same screen and we can simulcast. That could definitely be fun. I’m still streaming solo on Wednesdays and Saturdays and I’ve got a small following so far.

Subguide work is challenging right now. The domestics series I’m writing for October still has 7 posts to go before I’m done and only 5 days before the start of the month so I’m feeling pressure to get it done soon. And tomorrow’s newsletter never happened. I just didn’t have a topic so I don’t know what I’ll post yet for that, if anything.

Anyone else surprised that it’s Fall already? I love Fall but I guess summer didn’t feel so summery to me. Huh. Hopefully I’ll love my weather and the falling leaves, the damn ground and the smells that come with Autumn. Yay!

I’m beginning to regret the spending freeze I asked Master if he’d agree to just this morning. My birthday is coming up. Does that mean we don’t get presents? Hmm.