I’m in trouble again. This TPE thing is hard folks but this time I’ve only myself to blame.

I order Master’s meals when we eat out. And this time I ordered incorrectly and he was delivered the wrong meal. I screwed up and instead of allowing me to fix my mistake with the server I had to watch him eat food he didn’t want. I apologized and tried my best not to cry the rest of my meal. What is normally a yummy lunch was just a distraction from my angst and tears.

When we got back to the car I did cry and he was perplexed that it bothered me so much. “Everyone makes mistakes,” he said. Yeah, but a slave of over 10 years who has been ordering her partner’s meals for that long? How could I have not made sure I took more care into what I was doing?

I have a week of punishment – no pop or candy. And of course I’ll need to pay attention in the future.