Master is gone for the weekend at Kiva’s place.

He informed me last night that they had decided to see each other every weekend on Sunday-Monday. Last I knew they were discussing adding more time but no definitive word to me so I was so shocked to hear that revelation. So, weekends are not for wives. He sees froggy on Saturday and now Kiva on Sunday. He did say he’d skip a day at work on Monday and spend time with me but that would mean he works two extra hours every other day. I just couldn’t ask that of him. Sunday used to be my day but now I have to work through the rest of his time around work stress.

Thank goodness I’m the love of his life and the only woman he’ll ever marry because I don’t think any other monogamous woman would be happy with what I get. The only drive I have now is to continue to learn and grow in the total authority slavery that he wishes and thrives on. Perhaps if I maximize the time with him by giving him what he needs and what I know I can learn to love and enjoy for him then the loss of weekends together will not feel so bad.

However as I look at the calendar that will be set for the Fall, this is my week, or rather my time alone:

Tuesday – Master goes to froggy’s in the afternoon for 2 hours

Wednesday – Master goes bowling with froggy in the evening

Saturday – Master is at froggy’s

Sunday – Master leaves for Kiva’s

Monday – Master gets back from Kiva’s

How do other people do it? How can you feel fulfilled in a relationship that you don’t get to spend all of your time with them that you possibly can? I told him that if this is the way the calendar will look then I’ll want date nights where no contact with the other girls happens and I get special husband and wife time.

So I’m coming up with ways I can spend the time he’s not here and while I’m terrible with socializing I think I might pick up doing some game streaming of Minecraft to idle away the time I’m alone.  I made sure I had some Subguide work to do this weekend to keep myself busy. If I don’t keep busy then I obsess over the fact he’s not here and it hurts. It’s not really that he’s with someone else, but that he’s not here with me. I miss him so bad when we are apart.

This may sound insane but sometimes I wish I didn’t love him as much as I do because then the pain of him being gone wouldn’t be as bad.