May 2015

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Last week, I bought my first plant for the balcony. I’ve never had a balcony that was large enough for me to sit on and have plants AND had sunshine in the afternoon so I’m super thrilled to be able to decorate and use this outdoor space.  I got a hanging basket with petunias, but it was on clearance and all the first flowers had died off. I knew that if the greenery was still in good shape I could bring it back to flower stage so I got it. I also got a hanging basket stand.

Then a few days later I purchased another potted flower; a daisy mum. I can’t tell you its real name, I just know it’s in the mum family and looks like little white daisies. Daises in all forms are my favorite flower ever so I couldn’t pass it up. It now sits on the deck in front of the hanging one.

Today, out shopping I saw over the rail deck hanging baskets for $7 a piece so I got 2, and 2 more potted flowers. This time some purple and orange vine-like flowers. They’ll hang and sway in the breeze nicely. I need to get potting soil yet but I’m going to depot these and put them in the deck baskets.

The clearance petunia has new greenery and it looking like there are some new buds forming so I hope by next week I’ll have new flowers.

And that’s probably about it for this year’s decorating the balcony. I’ve been looking at lounge sets to put out there but the cost is way out of reach right now so perhaps this Fall but until them our folding chairs will have to do.

The flowers make me very happy.

The past 6 weeks I’ve had a lot of dental work done at the Dental College. Through some luck I saw an ad in the local Reddit for someone who hadn’t seen a dentist in at least 5 years that might qualify to be an Oral Hygiene student’s Boards patient. Dental students have to find their own patient that will qualify for their Board exam. Sounds insane!!  It’s been 12 years since I’ve had my teeth more than looked at ( x-rays last year and a quote for $3500 for the work) so after asking Master if he was okay with it, I sent her a picture of my teeth and gave her a rough history. I went in for an evaluation in February and after an exam asked me if I would like to be her Boards patient in May. That it would in repayment for being her patient I would get all my dental work done at the college and the deep cleaning/root planing that she’s doing for her exam all for free. Only catch is that I have to spend a lot of time at the college and be available for her exam. Along with that exam, one of my restorations needed qualified for a Dental student’s Board exam that was happening mid-March and so I agreed to that as well.

I couldn’t pass that up. So, I started going to the college every Tuesday (except for mid April when I was down with a cold) to get another restoration or sealant. A total of 5 restorations (6 if you count the Board exam one) and 2 sealants.  Mid March, after the Dental boards I went in for her mock board exam where she did 6 teeth. This Sunday I go for her real Board Exam where she’ll do at least another 6 teeth. Then she’ll finish in two more appointments after that. But the only cost to me has been parking in the college lots. That’s it. Although, there is a lot of time involved. Each appointment was 2 hours, every week I had local anesthesia on one side of my face. And I had a new student every week. Some were more confident than others, but thankfully the faculty there approves every step.

I can’t believe it though. All of my teeth fixed and cleaned for free – just sacrificing time. I’m thrilled.