I got a few more questions for question month so I thought I’d get them answered for you. And if you have more questions, this is the month I answer just about anything!

Are you religious? If so how do you intertwine that with your submission?

No I’m not religious. I was in my childhood leading all the way to college. Then I started really studying science and began realizing I didn’t need faith in my life. I know people who do intertwine their religion with their submission and it works for them.

Have you and KM talked about kids?

We covered the children talk before we got together. I needed to find someone who did not want children. I’ve never wanted children. Even as a little girl I gave all my baby dolls to my sister and never looked back. I told my mom back then that I was not interested in being a mom. KM does not want children either and later this year will be getting a vasectomy. At least that’s in his plans. He keeps telling me to make the appointment already but I want to wait until after our Anniversary in June.

Would you ever want to work out of the house again?

Yes and no. We’ve talked about me getting a job again, but the added cost of travel, food and loss of work on Kink Network related stuff would make it not feasible. KM makes enough for us to live on and I can serve him this way a lot better than I would at a job.

Does KM give you spending money for yourself for things you enjoy such as books or movies or does he make all the financial decisions?

He makes all the financial decisions but I’m a spoiled lady. I ask him if I can have something I’d like, like books, movies, makeup, whatever and he rarely says no. Sometimes he’ll say maybe later but honestly he’s pretty open to spending money on me.  Just last week I got new bras and a new blouse to wear for a con we are going to in May.


Thanks for the questions!