My question(s) is how do you as a woman and your personal views on feminism relate to your choice to serve and enter into this lifestyle? Do you have moments where you think “Should I be doing this”? because of the way our culture is set up now in the 21st century?

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Hi there,

I don’t have any issues at all with submitting and feminism. There’s a point in time where a woman learns that they should be actively getting what they want in life and that being feminist is really all about making sure you are happy with what you have as a woman. I’m not about to argue with a guy who might make more money or have a higher standing than an equally successful woman.  Men and women are different. I don’t want to be compared to men. And I’m not going to actively push to make all women equal to men because let’s face it, people in general are not all equal.

Submission and feminism can co-exist. Being submissive is the most powerful thing I can do. I choose to submit and to be vulnerable to my partner. It gives me everything I’ve ever wanted in life. I’ve never thought that I shouldn’t be doing this, that some how society is in control of my life. I’ve been my own person for a long time now and society doesn’t govern how I live.

Thanks for the question.