February 2015

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Late Night Fuck Meat

Our sex life is awesome. I love it so much. When things connect and I’m horny then the sex is smokin’ hot. I love it. It’s animalistic, it makes the downstairs neighbors bang on the ceiling, it’s so very intense. After a brief discussion with Master the other day he said that he really likes waking me up in the middle of the night for sex and I love middle of the night sex but the waking up part when he’s not been snuggling with me is jarring and tends to turn him off. AND I always have to pee at 2am. He tends to wake me up at 2am to move to my mattress on the floor. I told him if he didn’t wait until then I wouldn’t have to pee really bad and ruin the pounce.

So, he agreed to do that and we’ve had middle of the night sex again. I’m so into sex like that, that he’s had to comment on how wet I am. It’s hot and slutty. I am his fuckmeat. Oh yeah. For those that haven’t heard the term, fuck meat is when I’m just his sex toy and he doesn’t care if I enjoy myself and often doesn’t want to hear me make any noise either. It’s so hard for me not to moan and groan so being told to say silent is so fucking hot. Yes, I’ve been in “sex space” today. What a wonderful feeling!

And the orgasms I get recently have been through the roof amazing.

Our sex life is awesome.


Bad Luck

I’ve had some bad luck the past few days with food. I’m suffering from gluten contamination from several different meals. It’s hard to play sleuth when you feel icky but I have to figure out how I got sick.

So, I’m recovering for a while.



Valentine’s Day here was quiet. Master and I went out for our usual lunch date on the Friday to avoid the insane crowds on Saturday. It was sweet and nice. Saturday morning there was a knock on the door and roses were delivered! Lovely pinky-purple ones and so many that they stuffed the vase. Oh they are so pretty.  After lunch Master went over to froggy’s for the evening and I had my day all to myself. It was pretty nice. I watched some TV that Master doesn’t like and played video games.

Yesterday, we played. It had been awhile and I knew we’d not be pushing any limits. The three toys I selected were floggers, clothespins and the breast vice. I can’t remember exactly what happened, which is normal for me, but I do know that it hurt and felt good. I was in the vice with my breasts pressed into the pillow as I kneeled on the bed, he put my ring of pain (clips attached a metal ring) on my labia so it spread it wide open, exposing my clit. The magic wand sat there for a lot of the play. It hurt when it rubbed the clips and felt good when it hit my clit. While all that was going on he flogged my ass and thighs. My it was good.

I can’t wait to do it again.

Tonight I go host the sub forum. We’ll be talking about protocol and ritual. I’ve done a bit of research and study so that I can have the right information and hopefully be able to answer questions. Master and I have a bit of ritual and protocol in our relationship too so I’m experienced. We are often in medium protocol when at home and I have my coffee ritual to talk about.  I sure enjoy hanging out with other submissives.

I’m currently feeling a bit drop-y so hopefully I can get some snuggle time before the forum so that I can recover. I got permission for a candy bar and a pop so I think that’s helped me a bit. I just need the connection. Master will be home shortly from his visit at froggy’s and I’ll talk to him about my needs. I know he’ll be there for me. Just have to wait another 30 mins.