From better to worse when I got better from the flu I was okay for a couple days then a cold settled in. I don’t think they were related illnesses, but Master caught my cold so we were both laid up for a few days.

Now, though, we are much better and getting back to our regular routine. I’m hoping that we’ll get to do that play very soon. ┬áSex has been lacking as well so I know that very soon we’ll be getting sexy again.

It’s just the way some weeks go.

Maximus went to the vet today. I’ve been concerned with some recent excessive grooming and vomiting. Turns out he’s stressed out and we’ll have to do a pheromone diffuser. Also, the vet found 2 broken teeth that will need to be extracted soon and his kidney function isn’t doing well from his blood work. He needs a urine test to be sure of what’s going on – so he’ll be going back to the vet within the week for that part and in the next 2 weeks for oral surgery.

With that and the other immediate expenses we have, we’ll be tightening our belt a bit more. I’ve unsubscribed from a few things, going to really watch the food budget and have no extra money drains. Entertainment will have to be free for the next few months. Of course that means Christmas gifts are going to be…. practically nothing.

Which is really funny because we went to the jeweler the other day and purchased my birthday present on the store credit. I got a lovely new ring coming!

Well I’m off to do some knitting,