Do submissive’s have to own toys to be considered in a relationship or owned and collared?



Someone I was talking to told me that you are and can only be a slave when you are owned and collared by a Master otherwise you are just a submissive and still even just a submissive to those that , that person plays with causally. Is this true?

It may be true to them, but it’s all a matter of identity. Identity is personal. If you identify as a slave, then be a slave. Don’t let someone else tell you aren’t who you say you are.

What are some of the weirdest fetishes that you have ever heard of?

I really can’t say I have heard of any that strike me as weird anymore. I’ve been into BDSM and have met a lot of people that were different than I am. Perhaps they were weird at one point when I was new, but not anymore.

Can submissive’s approach a Dom about being their Dom? If so how should one go about doing this?

Yes. Assuming that you are in a relationship with someone, or wishing to be you’d do something along the lines of, “hi, I think we have a lot of things in common. Do you want to go out?” Then, get to know each other, when the time feels right you can ask them if they’d like to be your Dom. “Would you like to be my Dom?” tends to work just fine in that situation.

Dear LunaKM,

I was just wondering what an “Alpha Slave” was? Is there such a thing as an “Alpha Submissive”?

Thank You

An alpha slave is a primary slave in a hierarchical poly relationship where there is more than one slave. Commonly this slave can give direction and orders in the absence of the Dominant. Yes there can be alpha submissives. It’s based on identity and position in the household.