You said some time ago you look forward to one day have a full corset down your back, laced and looking pretty, for an entire play party….. do you keep dreaming about it ever?
Sure I’d love a corset that fits well enough to wear long term even. I do have to prioritize though and work on my weight and fitness before that could ever happen.
The day you showed pictures about your adventures with needles, you said Master wants to skywer your pussy. Did he try it finally? If he didn’t, do you keep nervous about it? Worried or excited? Is it a challenge for you? By the way, I respect, of course, all you think about your breast, but I think the pictures about your breast wearing the needles are amazing and pretty.
No he hasn’t tried it. We’ve only done needle play twice, once I shared pictures on the blog, and one time since. I’m not worried about needles in my nether regions but it’s scary to think about. I trust him and I enjoy pain play so I’m sure he’ll do it eventually and I’ll love it.
Finally, if you say you don’t like nipple clamps on your nipples, was the needles throught your nipple very painful for you? In all ways, you got my smile when you said you were asking the needle presenter a couple months back to make it hurt more. You are extremely brave :) . You talked about something great for you is the mixture sex and pain. In a extreme moment in sex, were you going to enjoy the nipple clamps hurting on your nipples?
Needles through skin cannot really be compared to nipple clamps of any sort. The pain is different. With the needles, after they went in the pain subsided and didn’t hurt unless he did one of those ways we learned to make it hurt more. Nipple clamps hurt constantly and the pinching on my nipples is just too ouchy in a bad way for me to get into a positive head space.
Master has placed nipple clamps on me during sex and I have a really really hard time focusing – that doesn’t stop him from enjoying watching me try to process everything going on though.