October 2013

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Performing my exercises yesterday (I use a video workout, “Extreme Makeover: Weightloss Edition”), I twisted my ankle again. Master and I are both convinced that I’m shifting my body weight on my feet wrong during one of the exercises that is causing my repeat injury. He’s going to review the video and probably watch me once I’m better to see if we can’t find out what’s going on. In the meantime I’m back to seated exercises and then the Walk Away the Pounds video once my foot is better.

It kills me to know that I’m hurting myself doing the very thing that will make me healthier and happier. I need to know for myself what is going on as well because I enjoy the difficulty level of this workout. It’s produced specifically for obese and morbidly obese people with altered exercises that I can actually do but are very challenging. I feel good doing them. But apparently, I’m doing one of them wrong.

On Friday, Nanowrimo starts. I’m getting nervous, like I haven’t prepared enough so I’ll be doing some final review of my outlines, ideas and thoughts before then. I’ve decided that I’ll do a reverse nano – which is that I’ll have high word counts the first week and they will slowly decrease as the month goes on, when most people find it really hard to write the daily goal I will have a smaller one because I’ve already done a huge one. I do have lofty goals on the amount of content I want to write, but I think I can do it. I have my wrist braces standing by and I go to the store tomorrow for shopping and I’ll get power snacks so that I can keep going.

I know already that this shopping trip will be on the high end of the budget. We’ve run out of a lot of non-foods like shampoo, razors and such. So, I think I might figure out a more cost effective food budget to offset that cost. I never expected to run out of all of this in one grocery period. Maybe I should plan for that and increase my stockpile by one? I don’t know yet.



Quiet Birthday

I have to thanks CoffeeSlut for giving me a nudge and ask me questions. It appears I’m not here often enough!

I’m doing fine. The grocery budget is doing quite well. Last shopping trip was $180 for 2 weeks groceries. That’s a considerable difference to $300. We are a little lower on meats, but there weren’t any good deals this time so hopefully next time there will be. I’m learning what frugal meals we really enjoy and how to use leftovers so that I’m throwing less food away. I still have problems with tossing veggies. I have good intentions and then it fades before they get eaten.

Exercise is going slow. I twisted my ankle last week and I’ve been cautious about doing it again. The simple 15 min workout is still kicking my butt and I have to do it twice. Just goes to show me how out of shape I am. I’ve not noticed a change in the scale but I’m sure that will come with time.

My birthday was yesterday and we spent a quiet day here at home. Master has been really tired and not sleeping well so the rest was needed. He got me a pair of earrings and a pink sapphire heart shaped ring! So pretty.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll be back soon to keep talking and sharing my life with you. I promise.


Wow I haven’t been here in awhile. Apparently when something becomes not a rule anymore I subconsciously decide to just never think about it. I enjoy blogging, I really do. I do a lot of it on other sites out there almost every day. But here is my internal monologue. Here I have to face demons, and disappointments. I reflect on myself and rarely do I let myself see the good things going on in my life.

And there is a lot of good going on. I don’t think I have to constantly say that I am madly in love with KnyghtMare and that he makes me the happiest person I’ve ever been. I feel safe, secure and loved when he’s around me. And the attention I get from him tells me, more than his words, that he’s still into me too.

The mandated exercise (micromanaged) is working. I hate it, but I do it. I will know on Wednesday if it’s made a difference in the scale, but that’s not just it. I know I’m feeling more energy and less tired on the days I don’t exercise. I know my body will adjust to the fact I’m moving more and I’ll be less tired all around.

And then maybe, just maybe I’ll go down a size in clothing. It’s a huge jump… 6 inches in my waist and 6 in my hips to get to the next size down since I’m at the top edge of the current size. I dream of reaching that by the end of the year. So I don’t have a defined weight goal right now, I have a dress size goal. Reach a 28W by the end of the year. God that would be great.

I’ve asked for an Elliptical machine for my birthday. I couldn’t think of anything else I wanted,but if I could pick one machine from the gym that I enjoyed using and would actually use it was an Elliptical. They aren’t cheap. Ones for my weight bracket that won’t break in a year are over $500 and closer to $1000. But he said yes if we can find one on sale or a second hand one that can deliver it to us.

Master and froggyKM got matching tattoos this weekend. They got the kanji for Obey. Master got it on his right shoulder and froggyKM got an anklet with swirls and the kanji in front. They are both really nice. :D I might share a picture if they let me.

Well that’s it for now. Thanks for listening.



Slave Uniform

On Friday I wore what will be my slave uniform for the first time. It’s not an everyday requirement but I’m hoping that once a week I can dress this way. So, here’s what my slave uniform consists of:

  • lingerie of my choosing
  • dressy hair and makeup with slutty lipstick
  • play collar
  • ankle cuffs
  • nJoy butt plug

It was a lot of fun and I felt more playful and flirty during the day, which was the intended effect. Master had a lot of fun with it too and we played off and on all day long. Once night came around I was exhausted and feeling a bit dropsy. Amazing experience and definitely a 10 on the sexy kinky scale for me.  I’ve already asked to do it again this Friday.

In other news, the grocery budget was great this time. I spend only 2/3rds the budget and have a ton of food that will definitely last a long time. Yay! The freezer is not large enough, in fact and will have to juggle the food around to see what I can fit where. :P

On to the fitness rules I was supposed to follow…. it looks like Master is going to have to enforce an exercise routine after all. I spent much of today feeling bad for myself that I was getting winded really quickly and wearing out sooner than I used to – essentially getting to the point that immobility could result if I don’t get my ass in gear.

He approved the purchase of an elliptical trainer, but from my research we shouldn’t get one under $500 and a 18″ stride length. Not the amount of money he wants to spend right now. I found a $700 model on clearance at walmart for $350 that fits the bill, but we need to wait until November’s paycheck so I doubt it will still be there.  There are used ones on craigslist but buying anything from craigslist is iffy for me (and the car is small). He’s letting me get a few workout dvd’s that will give me some variety.

So… we’ll have to go with enforced exercise :(