I’ve had some more really good questions that I thought I’d answer. Thanks peppersgirl!


I have been with my Master Pepper for about two years now and we are investigating and looking into the idea of Poly.

I have a few questions for you that I hope you will not mind answering. I was wondering while your Master is away at Froggy’s house or with her do you and he still talk or is that his time to be with her? When he is at Froggy’s house or with her how does he know that you follow all of your rules that you are supposed to follow? When he is at Froggy’s house or with her how do you cope with being lonely or jealous? Do you and Froggy get along? Would you and your Master and Froggy ever live together? Why or Why not?

Master and I still talk and send messages to each other throughout the time he’s with her. There will always be times that are private and conversation is out of the question but that’s normal for us. I do try to keep my conversation to a minimum because it is HER time with him and I’d want the same respect for special time with Master.

Master trusts me to follow the rules he’s laid down. After 9 years of being together if I can’t follow his rules while he’s away then I’m in for a world of hurt when he finds out. We have a transparency clause in our agreement which means I am not to keep anything from him – including if I do something wrong. So it’s about trust. I’m also no willing to face his wrath and am more at peace when I follow his rules so I will be doing so. He has granted me extra TV time and I know if I asked to stay up later than my bedtime he would allow it. Anything else requires permission and I can seek that out since we are still talking to each other while apart.

I don’t get jealous with her. She deserves time with him and it was actually at my suggestion that this trip to her place happened. They have a relationship and it’s good for Master and myself so I’d like to help nurture that. I do get lonely and as long as I keep myself busy I’ll do well on my way. Otherwise I can talk to him or text him and he’ll respond. He cares for my wellbeing and I know for a fact that he’ll miss me too.

froggy and I get along really well. We are great friends and last time she was up here it was just she and I all day doing girlie things (shopping for purses, make up, out to lunch, etc.) We were friends before KM and her became a couple and I’m sure we’ll be friends for a long time.

We won’t ever be living in the same household. That’s clear. But we can see a close living environment like in the same neighborhood or next door or something. froggy has a child that she needs to raise and KM and I are childfree by choice so that’s one reason why we won’t live together. froggy needs to be able to care for her child first and foremost. KM likes his private time :P

Thanks for your questions!