Well I asked for questions in the last post and I got a few! I’ll try and answer them all here. And as always I love questions so feel free to ask me anything if you encounter something you’d like to know more about.

How is your grocery budget going?

It’s progressing slowly. Last shopping trip was $250. My max budget is $300. I’m still figuring out key meals that are not only frugal but that we don’t mind having weekly or once every grocery period. My cooking from scratch is coming along well. That’s quite helpful with keeping the food budget down. My pantry is filling up so that’s fantastic and I think as long as I keep that full and watch what meats I purchase we’ll do quite well in bringing the budget down even more.

How is the new SubGuide Club coming?

It’s only going as fast as KM can build it. The issue that we came across is a big one and hasn’t been resolved yet so I’m bummed but we have to have it work in order for some of the fantastic features I want to have available. I’ll keep people updated as best as I can.

Any new video posts planned?

Yes. Hopefully soon. I have to be in the right mind to do them and produce them well. I’ve had people suggest topics though so that has helped.

How are your headaches?

Headaches are almost all gone. Since I stopped taking the allergy meds I was taking it has stopped the headaches. I’m on another allergy med now and all is well.

Are you allowed extra privileges such as staying up later or more TV time while KM is at FroggyKM’s this week?

Yes! I get extra TV time for sure, I asked for that. I’m not sure I’ll stay up later as the set bedtime is pretty ingrained and my body takes 11pm to mean sleep. If I feel the desire I’ll ask him at the time. Other than that I haven’t a clue what I’ll do with my time.