September 2013

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When Master came home from froggy’s we didn’t really do anything special to reconnect. We fucked, sure. We talked more. I had some fantasies that came about while he was away that he and I wanted to talk about. They had to do with increasing the protocol here at home and adding more play.

First, I told him it would be fun if I had a slave uniform of some sort, or a required way of dressing when at home. I suggested lingerie and he loved the idea. It hasn’t started yet, but I know I will be expected to wear lingerie while at home. I’m also to do my hair and make up everyday even if I’m not going anywhere. I told him I felt less frumpy when I do that. He added that I’m to start wearing my nJoy as part of my uniform so I get to adjust to that as well.

Second I asked him if I could have a sore bum more often and that if it wasn’t aching it needed to be refreshed. The grin on his face said he’d love that idea. We will definitely be adding that.

Lastly I told him I think I might enjoy time where my only requirement is to attend him and wait on his needs. Something about focus and meditation and knowing where I really belong. He’s still thinking on that one.

None of these things have started up yet but I know I should be working towards making them happen in the near future.

And then I get a sinus infection. It’s had me miserable and groggy for days. Thankfully I’m feeling better now, but the damage is done. I have housework to catch up one, writing to complete and I still need to get my routine in place to start wearing a slave uniform at home.

My first plan is to set a wake up alarm instead of waking up whenever my body decides its time. This will give me enough time in the morning for myself and for preparing to dress and groom myself for the day. I’ve been lacking that lately.

On to groceries. It’s been hard but the most noticeable change is that when grocery day comes around we aren’t completely out of food. Money-wise it’s not any cheaper. I’m finding it hard when meat isn’t a option, but a necessity in meals. I have started looking into making meals for myself bulk and then heating them up so that his meal is the only meat filled one. That could save us money. I’m eating low carb, which means I need protein in my diet too, but it doesn’t have to be large portions of meat. It can be eggs and I love eggs.

It’s definitely a process and I’m glad that I’m learning.


So, tomorrow Master comes home. I can’t wait. It’s been a long 3 days without him. Not that I’ve been bored. I’ve had a lot of Subguide work to keep me busy, far too much I think. I wanted to relax and enjoy my time, but I knew that I had to get my work done first. And I really never got it all done. It’s a game of finish one thing, and 2 more take its place.

I’ve watched a lot of TV, or rather, it’s been running in the background. I did stop everything to watch the series finale of Burn Notice. I’ve been a fan of Burn Notice since the beginning and it was a must to watch the end. I wasn’t let down. It was bittersweet and makes me want to start all over again from the beginning. I have the hots for Jeffrey Donovan that’s for sure. I could look at his face (and the rest of him) all day long.

I’ve done only the required chores. I had this fantasy that I would be getting some deep cleaning done, but Subguide is more of a priority so the deep cleaning didn’t happen. There is still a chance tomorrow morning before Master returns.

It’s amazing how lonely I’ve felt even though we are in constant contact. I’ve even cried once because I wish he were here. I know he’s having a wonderful time with froggyKM and I’m grateful for that. It’s just that we rarely are apart so it feels so very different when he’s not here.

I’ve fantasized a lot, things that we could add to our everyday to spice it up. Things that, right now, feel like I’m trying to establish an erotic novel here at home. And it’s not half bad. Master likes the ideas I’ve brought up to him – so I guess it’s on me to try and make them happen. I’m sure I’ll talk about them if and when they come to be here.

I’m feeling really guilty about the lack of diet and exercise push that I need so badly. The workout calendar on the fridge is practically empty. I now that he’s going to make me exercise if I can’t do it on my own volition. And I will hate it, but I know I need to be healthy, I know I’d like to lose weight, and I’d prefer to do it on my own time. But he’s given me so much time already; almost 5 years now. And I’ve not made any real progress other than to lose a lot of water weight when I went Gluten Free. Now that the Gluten Intolerance is known, I’m already healthier inside, I’ve got to make my body work harder to shape up the outside. I can do it. I’ve done it before. I just have to find the magic formula.

I can’t wait until I see Master again.


I’ve had some more really good questions that I thought I’d answer. Thanks peppersgirl!


I have been with my Master Pepper for about two years now and we are investigating and looking into the idea of Poly.

I have a few questions for you that I hope you will not mind answering. I was wondering while your Master is away at Froggy’s house or with her do you and he still talk or is that his time to be with her? When he is at Froggy’s house or with her how does he know that you follow all of your rules that you are supposed to follow? When he is at Froggy’s house or with her how do you cope with being lonely or jealous? Do you and Froggy get along? Would you and your Master and Froggy ever live together? Why or Why not?

Master and I still talk and send messages to each other throughout the time he’s with her. There will always be times that are private and conversation is out of the question but that’s normal for us. I do try to keep my conversation to a minimum because it is HER time with him and I’d want the same respect for special time with Master.

Master trusts me to follow the rules he’s laid down. After 9 years of being together if I can’t follow his rules while he’s away then I’m in for a world of hurt when he finds out. We have a transparency clause in our agreement which means I am not to keep anything from him – including if I do something wrong. So it’s about trust. I’m also no willing to face his wrath and am more at peace when I follow his rules so I will be doing so. He has granted me extra TV time and I know if I asked to stay up later than my bedtime he would allow it. Anything else requires permission and I can seek that out since we are still talking to each other while apart.

I don’t get jealous with her. She deserves time with him and it was actually at my suggestion that this trip to her place happened. They have a relationship and it’s good for Master and myself so I’d like to help nurture that. I do get lonely and as long as I keep myself busy I’ll do well on my way. Otherwise I can talk to him or text him and he’ll respond. He cares for my wellbeing and I know for a fact that he’ll miss me too.

froggy and I get along really well. We are great friends and last time she was up here it was just she and I all day doing girlie things (shopping for purses, make up, out to lunch, etc.) We were friends before KM and her became a couple and I’m sure we’ll be friends for a long time.

We won’t ever be living in the same household. That’s clear. But we can see a close living environment like in the same neighborhood or next door or something. froggy has a child that she needs to raise and KM and I are childfree by choice so that’s one reason why we won’t live together. froggy needs to be able to care for her child first and foremost. KM likes his private time :P

Thanks for your questions!


Well I asked for questions in the last post and I got a few! I’ll try and answer them all here. And as always I love questions so feel free to ask me anything if you encounter something you’d like to know more about.

How is your grocery budget going?

It’s progressing slowly. Last shopping trip was $250. My max budget is $300. I’m still figuring out key meals that are not only frugal but that we don’t mind having weekly or once every grocery period. My cooking from scratch is coming along well. That’s quite helpful with keeping the food budget down. My pantry is filling up so that’s fantastic and I think as long as I keep that full and watch what meats I purchase we’ll do quite well in bringing the budget down even more.

How is the new SubGuide Club coming?

It’s only going as fast as KM can build it. The issue that we came across is a big one and hasn’t been resolved yet so I’m bummed but we have to have it work in order for some of the fantastic features I want to have available. I’ll keep people updated as best as I can.

Any new video posts planned?

Yes. Hopefully soon. I have to be in the right mind to do them and produce them well. I’ve had people suggest topics though so that has helped.

How are your headaches?

Headaches are almost all gone. Since I stopped taking the allergy meds I was taking it has stopped the headaches. I’m on another allergy med now and all is well.

Are you allowed extra privileges such as staying up later or more TV time while KM is at FroggyKM’s this week?

Yes! I get extra TV time for sure, I asked for that. I’m not sure I’ll stay up later as the set bedtime is pretty ingrained and my body takes 11pm to mean sleep. If I feel the desire I’ll ask him at the time. Other than that I haven’t a clue what I’ll do with my time.



I drive Master down to froggyKM’s on Tuesday afternoon and he’ll be there until Saturday. That’s a long time to unsupervised slave time for me! I don’t have anything planned that is out of the norm, but I know that for awhile I’ll love the alone time and then I’ll get lonely.

I’m still having a hard time with Zeus’ death. It’s been 3 months and I’m still crying at night every few nights or so. Even with Loki, he’s nothing like Zeus (not that I’d want him to be) but I really hoped he was a snuggle buddy and he’s not. Sure he’ll lay near you, but he’s pretty much his own kitty. Definitely a joy to play with though! Maybe my next cat life will be a lap cat, snuggle cat. I have a lot of affection to give.

Can I just say that I’m envious of two online friends of mine who are enjoying meeting each other and hanging out this weekend? treasure and kitty (along with their Masters) are having a great time according to their blog posts. I wish I could go around and meet some of the people that I read habitually. That would be awesome!

I’ve started trying to focus on food and exercise changes to drop some weight and get more fit. Of course I decided on this after grocery shopping and buying foods that don’t fit into my new plan, so heh, I am going to eat it and then plan better next time! I love Low Carb eating and it lends itself well to Gluten-free so that’s the way it will go.

Not much else to update anyone on so…. anyone got questions they want to ask me?


Four Hours!

Master just agreed to a trial run of increasing my TV time on weekdays to 4 hours from the previous 3. Yay! I know that I need to continue working hard and making advances in housework and Subguide work or it will revert back to 3 but I’m so excited to have another hour of time each day. :P

I did some exercise this morning and my knees hurt immediately after but what’s driving me insane is the feeling of fatigue that I have going on now. I know I have to get my body to adapt since I’m so overweight and out of shape, but this fatigue is counter-productive. What happened to the energy that people say they feel after working out? I want that!

I’ve been procrastinating about recoloring my hair. Not 100% sure why. I have the boxes, I have time… just need to get my ass in gear. I’m going really red again and going to rock it!

Well, that’s about it. Just wanted to celebrate the TV time increase.