The headaches are gone. As soon as I stopped taking the allergy OTC meds I was taking I didn’t have another headache. I’ll be able to report that to my Dr next week.

I have, though, a severe flare up of Carpal Tunnel that has Master and I worried. I’m hoping the Dr will be able to give me a prescription anti-inflammatory/pain reliever because the ibuprofen/alieve combo isn’t cutting it down enough most days. It’s inhibited my work, my housework and all other things. The pain is making me exhausted which means I’m napping too.

I don’t know how anyone manages chronic pain and I don’t want to be them. These flare ups are pain enough. Without health insurance the idea of surgery is an expensive one. I need to just keep managing it as much as possible.

This Wednesday is another 2 week shopping trip. If my calculations are right I should start seeing a decrease in the amount I’m spending since my pantry is filling up. I do want to stockpile non-foods and toiletry items though so I’ll be setting aside money for that as I go along.

I’m really learning what we eat and what we don’t eat through this exercise. Left overs that never get consumed (so I shouldn’t make that much) and things that would work best as left overs I can make double batches of. I’m using new recipes that are also frugal. I’m freezing foods before they spoil and all over having a good time with my new goals.

Loki is such a joy. I guess I never knew just how playful some cats were after kitten-hood. He’s supposed to be 7/8 years old and still plays constantly, rarely naps and is just go go go all the time. I love watching him. Right now he’s doing his favorite game- hide the toy mice under the closet door. And then he watches as I get them out when I need in there just so he can push them back under there again.

Well I’m off before my wrists go numb. I’m taking so many breaks today already I feel like I’m not getting anything done. But I know that progress is being made… slowly.