August 2013

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A Tale about Life

OMG it’s been awhile, I’m sorry folks. So, what’s been going on in the KnyghtMare household? Nothing super exciting – that’s for sure. At least that’s what I see.

Last weekend froggy and I went out on a girl’s day shopping spree. We bought new purses, went out to lunch and then some makeup supplies. We were going to get our nails done too but both of us wore out. First froggy had a freshly lanced cyst that was healing (more on that in a bit) and my back popped and I was in some pain too.

I had a great time though.

When froggy arrived she had a cyst that was giving her troubles. Through the evening it got worse and by 2am when Master woke me up to figure out sleeping arrangements I helped convince froggy that she really needed to go to the ER if it was hurting so bad and she couldn’t sleep. So a really tired Master and froggy went to the ER and I waited here.

The came back with antibiotics and a patched up froggy, but at least she was feeling a bit better. Since then she’s had to go back because the antibiotics weren’t working and the infection had spread. But I think she’s on the right course now and is getting better everyday.

Today is the first game of the football season here in town. I enjoy watching all the people walk to the stadium from my balcony (we are less than a mile from there) and then the march back to their cars in a mood dependent on the outcome of the game. Bring on game season.

Of course that also means we’ll be seeing froggy less because she drives a taxi on all home game days in her town (another college town) so that she can make extra money. So she’s there instead of here today. And she won’t be here next week either.

But KM is going to spend a few days down there from the 10th to the 14th, we’ll both be spoiled. Me with private alone time and her with time alone with Master. It should be good for both of us.

On to other things… I’m preparing to do Nanowrimo again this year for Submissive Guide content. Last year I topped out at 30K words and this year my goal is 35K. The content I wrote during the month of November last year covered posts for 4 months! This year’s focus will be video posts, ecourses and ebooks. Posts come a lot easier for me than that content so might as well throw myself into the hard stuff. I have a series of posts already written for November so I don’t have to focus on the site at the same time. Should be a good time. I’ll be stocking up on pain meds and finding better wrist cuffs that I can use while typing so hopefully I can stave off a Carpal Tunnel flare up long enough to get close to my goal.

My grocery shopping plans are going well. The pantry is filling up with a number of items that can make meals in a pinch and I have a relatively full stockpile of non-foods. I think just one more trip of those and I’ll have a 6 month supply of them to not have to worry to badly about adding shampoo or razors to the grocery budget.

It feels good to be able to buy meat in bulk and I’m pinning down recipes that are frugal, flexible and taste great for the core of the meal plan. I don’t have lunches together very well and that is my next goal after I am able to successfully bring the food budget down $100/mo. My goal for this Wednesday’s shopping trip is $250. I will be making crockpot pizza sauce, shredded chicken for tacos, Low Carb Gluten-Free zucchini muffins for breakfasts for me and I have a pot roast in the crock pot right now for french dips for Master’s lunches that should last 5 sandwiches.

My cleaning goal for this week is to get the closet done that I’ve not finished and take another load to Good Will. Then I need to vacuum to baseboards in the living room and go through my fall and winter clothes tub and aggressively sort, toss and donate.

Hopefully it won’t be too long between updates again.


Today is froggyKM day (the day that froggy comes up for a visit). This weekend we hope to have a girl’s day out and shop for new purses, go out to lunch and just hang out. Not sure what our budget from Master will be yet so that will govern what we get to do. Should be a fun time either way. If the budget is tight we can always give ourselves manicure/pedicures at home. I need to color my hair again. If she wants to color hers we could get color and do that too. Fun fun.

I don’t remember if I wrote about it but Master has semi-mandated my exercise again. I’ve gotten really lazy with it and yet complain that I’m not losing weight. Yeah, silly I know. So he has me writing down what I do for exercise on a calendar and if I have too many blank days on the calendar he said he will force the issue and I know I won’t like what that entails.

If you look at my sidebar I have that weight loss goal. I’m no where near it, in fact I probably have gained it all back. So in order to really dig in he’s set some requirements for exercise. I need to watch what I eat (which means food journaling again). I just need to do it. I’ve proven to myself in the past that I can do it and it’s actually very easy for me and doesn’t feel like a diet when it gets going so why didn’t I stay going in the Low carb Gluten free way? Heck if I know. Back on the wagon folks.

I will probably not post my food diary on this blog. It seemed silly so I’ll be using either SparkPeople or FitDay or just another private blog to log all that. But that starts this weekend too. ¬†Not looking forward to it. I hate behavior and habit modification. It’s not easy and I struggle at beating myself for slipping. I’m really hoping I can learn positive focus from this and not focus on the slips. I guess time will tell.


Yesterdays shopping trip was under budget, but not by much. I’m hoping that it settles lower soon or this might not be the best way for us to cut down the food budget. I’m hunting desperately for simple, frugal meals that Master will eat and I can have or adjust to be gluten free. It’s not an easy task, let me tell you.

A good deal was had on chicken breasts though, I got them for 1.99/lb and bought 10 lbs. Should last us quite a while. Oh and the pantry is filling up so soon I won’t have to buy everything for a recipe, I’l be able to shop my pantry and just maintain it. Especially useful, though, for non-food items like toiletries, cleaning supplies and cat food/litter.


A lot has been rattling around in my head lately and thankfully I’ve been able to talk to Master about all of it. Of course I still think and overthink things around here.

Let’s start out with the sex, or lack there of. If it’s not one thing it’s another. First I had constant headaches, then a severe Carpal Tunnel flare up and finally my period. It’s been a whole month of occasional sex. I miss sex but I can’t get in the mood if I’m hurting and Master knows that. He’s been so patient but I know it’s wearing on him.

And that’s not the half of it. My sex drive seems non-existent and Master is beginning to feel undesired.He told me that he understood that it was health reasons why we’ve been off lately but I really hope to change the mood thing before my period ends.

So, I’m watching porn, right now in fact while I write. I love the huge cocks and DP categories. I always watch it with the sound muted unless I’m watching porn with someone. It just bugs me. Ok and the ass to mouth in this clip is making me gag.

Alright so on to other things I’m going to work on showing my desire for Master and giving him the blow job he asked for and really mean it. Tomorrow is date night (after a day with Mom) and I think I can make it hot for him.

Also, Master has noted on numerous occasions that I am not exercising. It was one of my agreements that I’d keep myself responsible for it, but I put it off. I hate exercise. Now he’s pretty much mandated it. I’m to keep a log of the days I exercise, how long and what I did. If he notices that I’m not doing enough or that I slip I will be in trouble. Not looking forward to this at all but I know it’s for my own good. That goal over in the sidebar isn’t going to move without the effort. We all know that.

Ok so enough of the hard stuff. I know that was just a summary but that’s all I care to share.

We got a fucking machine. Master set it up Saturday and froggy used it during their play time and then he had me ride it that night. It was lovely fun once we found a position that worked. Yum! Master said I’ll be riding it a lot since he wants to get his money’s worth :P

I’ve spent some time cleaning out the bedroom closet this week. I’ve got more to go but looks like a lot is going to Goodwill. I have clothing to try on yet and 3 boxes to go next time I’m out that way next week. It feels good to get rid of clutter. Master even cleaned up his office and rearranged which needed it badly.

The bi-weekly shopping seems to be paying off. I’m still learning as I go… like we are running low on lunch options and snacks before the 2 weeks is up so I need to plan those better. The pantry is filling up though and that’s a good thing. It means on any day I can pull all the things out that we might need for a few meals. I’m able to buy the larger bulk deals on meat because it doesn’t strap my budget as badly either. It’s just good all around. Now to get the cost down.

My ultimate goal with the budget is to spend less than our rent on food for the month. I definitely think it is possible – I just have to find the right balance of yummy meal options and less wasted food. I’m still wasting a lot of food, mostly lunchmeat that isn’t getting eaten and bagged salad. I’m going to stop buying the bagged salad and just use head lettuce. It lasts longer. The lunchmeat will have to be purchased less and if we need more, then get more. Other than that, I have to get on the ball with preparing snacks so they are available when we want them. No one wants to cook to make a snack. It needs to be ready made.

That’s it for now folks,



My update on the grocery shopping lessons is that I spend 250 of my 300 dollar budget. So yeah, that felt good. I also know that I’ll have to do a quick pick up on Wednesday of some GF bread but other than that I think we’re good for the rest of the time. I have a decent list in my grocery price book too and I’m already noticing sales and better prices. I should have a good pantry set up in the next month too :)

In other news, I’m getting lazy with my manners and my rules. Numerous times I’ve forgotten to apologize for being lax which gets me in more trouble. I’ve had my final warning tonight. I’ll be punished after this. NOT looking forward to being taught a lesson.

I’m not really sure why I’m acting this way, it could be rebellion or needing to be put in my place again – a reminder of my position in his life. I guess it’s been awhile since I’ve been pushed….


Another Week.

The headaches are gone. As soon as I stopped taking the allergy OTC meds I was taking I didn’t have another headache. I’ll be able to report that to my Dr next week.

I have, though, a severe flare up of Carpal Tunnel that has Master and I worried. I’m hoping the Dr will be able to give me a prescription anti-inflammatory/pain reliever because the ibuprofen/alieve combo isn’t cutting it down enough most days. It’s inhibited my work, my housework and all other things. The pain is making me exhausted which means I’m napping too.

I don’t know how anyone manages chronic pain and I don’t want to be them. These flare ups are pain enough. Without health insurance the idea of surgery is an expensive one. I need to just keep managing it as much as possible.

This Wednesday is another 2 week shopping trip. If my calculations are right I should start seeing a decrease in the amount I’m spending since my pantry is filling up. I do want to stockpile non-foods and toiletry items though so I’ll be setting aside money for that as I go along.

I’m really learning what we eat and what we don’t eat through this exercise. Left overs that never get consumed (so I shouldn’t make that much) and things that would work best as left overs I can make double batches of. I’m using new recipes that are also frugal. I’m freezing foods before they spoil and all over having a good time with my new goals.

Loki is such a joy. I guess I never knew just how playful some cats were after kitten-hood. He’s supposed to be 7/8 years old and still plays constantly, rarely naps and is just go go go all the time. I love watching him. Right now he’s doing his favorite game- hide the toy mice under the closet door. And then he watches as I get them out when I need in there just so he can push them back under there again.

Well I’m off before my wrists go numb. I’m taking so many breaks today already I feel like I’m not getting anything done. But I know that progress is being made… slowly.