When I went to the Dr last week for a hypothyroid follow up I brought up with him my increase in headaches and migraines. They’ve gotten pretty regular in the past 3 months with migraines almost once a week. There isn’t much he can do for them right now, and said that if they start waking me up at night that we will have to do an MRI or catscan. On no insurance that’s a scary proposition. I hope they clear up.

In the meantime, I’ve had 2 headaches in just as many days. Master thinks it might be the 24 hr OTC allergy meds I’m taking. So he’s directed me to get the other active ingredient one. Maybe I’m having issues from that. I guess I’ll see.

I go to the store on Wednesday for another 2 week shopping trip. I think I did pretty good this time, but want to cut the budget down so this trip will be about finding that happy medium and get it down and still have yummy food to eat. Any tips would be appreciated. Here’s some of the limitations I’m working with:

  • Gluten free option
  • No beans
  • Not vegetarian
  • Can be made without veggies in it (but added at the last minute to my meal)
  • Master only likes canned carrots and peas. I hate canned carrots and peas. So veggies are usually a side dish and separate.
  • No salads for dinner. I love salads for lunch.
  • Must have meat in every meal
  • No canned soups or boxed meals
  • Under $4/person per meal

Loki is such a joy to watch and learn to love. He’s extremely playful, inquisitive and loving. I’ll stop whatever I’m doing to watch him play. He doesn’t sleep as much as cats normally do but I am guessing that’s because he’s still young.

Max is warming up to him. I’ve seen them playing together and Loki has groomed Max a few times. That makes me happy to know that they will get along. It was something I worried about with Max being an aloof cat.

I really need new glasses. My eyes are not bad but these glasses are cheap and scratching and just hard to clean anymore. Maybe that’s helping with my headache. Master has promised I can go get an eye exam and new glasses soon, maybe even next month. I wonder if there are any sales going on in the area.

Oh something was asked in a FetLife thread this week that I asked Master to respond to because I wanted to know his thoughts. It was about what services he expected of his submissive. I have never thought of myself as a service submissive but as he started listing a few of the things I do for him (without even thinking of it now) I realized that service was a huge part of who I am for him.

Go figure.

I have a sub forum this week on Domestic Service and I’m struggling to put together talking points and a set of questions. I don’t connect to domestics as service so that’s likely why I’m having problems. Thankfully someone is coming that is strong in domestics so hopefully she’ll lead some of the discussion. I can share tips and tricks and whatnot, but as far as connecting to your service mindset.

That’s it for now.