This weekend we went to two movies. Master wanted to see Pacific Rim and while it is far from my kind of movie, it was his turn. Froggy was up for the weekend too so she came with us. I know Master loved it, he said something along the lines of “skyscraper robots fighting alien monsters, yeah!” It was alright I guess.

Yesterday we went to see Monsters University. Certainly not as good as the first one, but I kinda liked the story of how Mike and Sully became friends and made it to the Scare Floor at Monsters Inc. It’s a good family movie.

Summer movie time is one of our favorite times. We love movies. I know that Thor 2 is coming out soon and if I recall there were at least 2 others that Master or I have mentioned wanting to see.

And the theater plays old movies a few times a week too. Wednesday is Back to the Future and Master is considering if we go or not. I think it would be fun to watch it on the big screen again. I admit I think I saw it in 85 when it came out. I was 7 and it would have been a movie that my family would have wanted to see.

This week I find out how well I shopped last week and see if the food holds out. I’m especially nervous about snacks. I’m certain we have dinners and lunches to hold us just fine. Since I spent the entire budget I really can’t afford to go back this week for anything so we’ll just have to see.

Hopefully I’ve learned from this trip and the next one will be less expensive and more frugal – especially in the meal plan. It’s been fun finding recipes that I know we love that are also cheaper to make. And I have a few new ones to try too that aren’t too far out there so I bet they will become favorites too.

The Carpal Tunnel flare up I had over the end of last week into the weekend has died down. Now to make sure I don’t wake it back up again and still get things done. The house needs a real cleaning lately and I want to get some of it done. I’m also doing the scary job of going through clothing and tossing for charity anything I haven’t worn in a long long time. I have a whole tub of clothing I’ll need to go through and I am certain there’s at least one trash bag’s worth to donate.

I would like to rent a rug doctor and get the carpets cleaned too, but that may have to wait until I know my wrists are better as that’s a lot of hard work on them so soon after the inflammation subsided.

The addition of the new service of lotioning Master instead of the foot rub is going well I think. A bonus of doing that is he needs it almost daily so I get to work on connecting with my submission and focusing on him a lot more frequently.