I know I said I was going to write about the playtime we had at Mischief in May but right now I don’t feel like it. Maybe later.

This week so far has been a busy one. I’m trying to, once again, make a homemaking binder and to be more productive throughout the day. This time, I decided my binder would be online since I’m in front of some form of digital device almost all day long. I read in an ebook I purchased called, “Paperless Home Organization” (this is NOT an affiliate link) about how to use Evernote, Remember the Milk and Gmail to make my productivity soar if I can just learn the ┬áprogram and make it work for me.

I’ve been slowly adding the mess of to do’s and lists and routines I’ve had spread all over into one place and so far it’s been great seeing things together and I’ve actually got a few things done that I don’t think I would have remembered had I not written them down and used the program.

I’m amazed at how scattered the documents I use are. They are not only in paper form but in Dropbox, in Google Drive and on my old notebook blog. The goal is to get it all together and working for me so that I can spend less time looking for things and more time actually doing them.

Yesterday Master had his wisdom teeth pulled. They had been hurting him for quite awhile so it came to no surprise that they would need to come out. He’s recovering well, but definitely tired of soft foods and lukewarm coffee. Tomorrow he can start adding warmer foods if he feels ready for it.

He’s not done either. I don’t envy him, but he has a lot of dental work to go to fix up his mouth. I’m sure I have a lot too, but I’m waiting until he’s had some more work and I get new glasses. I’ve needed new glasses for a bit now, these are so scratched up that they never seem clean.

Once his paycheck arrives this month we’ll have the money to put a deposit down on a place where we are headed, once we find it. At least it will be in savings just waiting for the right moment. We also have to wait until then to go traveling and searching. The waiting is killing me. I want someplace now!

I went back to tracking my food on Sparkpeople to reign in my eating and exercise. I also amended my goal since there is no way I’ll reach it by our Anniversary. So I changed it to my Birthday in October. The widget on this site should be updated to reflect that too.

I think I’m going to get back into my home management binder work. Take care everyone.