Sara asks:

I have been reading your blog for quite awhile. I would personally struggle with the fact that master has another. So my question is two of fold. How do you control the jealousy? For me the entire time they were together I would be extremely uncomfortable, like he didn’t love me enough. Secondly this is more for him, why need a second? Is it because froggy is more of a masochist? Life styles are everyone’s own choice I’m just trying to understand when so many of your own demons have come up in the regard. You have strength to serve your master this way.

And anonymous asks:

How did you feel about froggy in the very beginning, and how did you deal with jealousy?

Well, so jealousy huh. The big green eyed monster hasn’t really reared its ugly head here. Jealousy is a fear of losing what you have. It’s a reactive emotion to fear. I would have to fear that Master were going to leave me or that he wouldn’t love me anymore or we wouldn’t play or have sex anymore for jealousy to really flare. I don’t feel any of that.

I have been envious of froggy for some of the things she is able to do that make Master happy that I can’t do. We talk about them and I feel so much better,.

But outright jealousy? I haven’t felt that and I think it’s because we are all really good at communicating things before they would get to that point.

In the beginning, well… in the beginning froggy was just a play partner for Master because he needed to be more sadistic and in ways that I couldn’t emotionally handle. That need drove him to depression and we discussed opening the relationship for play. It is a positive experience for us. froggy was one of his play partners. She’s been good friends to us also so it seemed a simple shift to consider a relationship with her.

Unlike relationships I read about online where the Dominant just says they want another submissive and doesn’t discuss it with them, Master and I had long discussions about how this would work for us and what we both would need to remember to keep our relationship just as strong as it always was. We never thought we’d ever be poly, but we realized that this was just a natural step for us. froggy is a part of our relationship now.

The question directed to Master, “why does he need a second and if it’s because froggy is more of a masochist” I hope I’ve shed a bit of light on already but he answered it and I’ll share a bit more about why I think he needs a second.

He says, “yes.”

Froggy is more of a masochist and has different play cravings and activities that he can engage in that he can’t with me. Either I’m too whimpy or that I can’t handle the play emotionally. That was the reason we sought a play partner for him to begin with. He doesn’t NEED a second. It could have stayed that way forever, just play partners fulfilling his sadistic needs but with froggy she filled both of us and the connection was just more. So it was an organic closeness that drew us to becoming a larger relationship. It just happened and we are better because of it.