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Nothing Fancy

Today I made some bread for Master. It smells so delicious but I couldn’t tell you what it tastes like. These are the times I hate not being able to eat bread. The ‘bread’ I’ll make myself tomorrow won’t smell nearly as nice, but it will be safe for me to eat.

We are not doing anything fancy for Easter. I do enjoy hearing about all the fancy meals you will be having, so share that with me! What’s on the table Easter day?

Tonight I’ve been watching some old Disney cartoons – The Rescuers and The Aristocats. It’s been great seeing the old movies again. Master has spoiled me by letting me watch extra tv tonight.

On bad news, Master has noted that I’ve not been exercising. I really need to back into it if I want to make my next goal by our Anniversary. So, I’m going on the level. Starting tomorrow. Exercise in the morning, low carb eating back in full swing. I’ve got weight to lose!


Dearest luna,

amaeli asks,

With my birthday less than a week away, I find it ironic that in my golden year (my 30th on the 30th) I’ve finally begun to come to terms with certain aspects of myself I’ve barely acknowledged up until now. I have been overweight most of my life, and despite managing to lose over 40 lb since last September, it’s something that has always been a hindrance to my sexuality. Although I admittedly prefer curves, I still find it difficult at times to embrace myself as a sexual being because I have trouble seeing myself as ‘sexy’ unless I’m caught up in the moment and know I can turn someone on. Since I’m a novice to the scene and trying to determine how exactly I’ll fit into it, where is a good place to start while you’re attempting to become more comfortable with your own body in general at the same time? Although I don’t know if I’m necessarily a submissive at heart, I want to eventually find someone I can share these passions with in a lifelong partnership, but I still know so little about what I’m looking for in a power play relationship that I’m finding myself overwhelmed by all the information that’s out there.

Gratefully yours,

Happy Birthday!

Getting comfortable in your skin is a slow process and especially hard when modern society preaches that thinner is better. I have a few suggestions for you that have worked for me over the years.

Surround yourself with people who love and support you. The ones that say “you would be so much prettier if…” should be removed or at the very least reduced to holidays and important events. You want to feel accepted and you have every right not to be reminded that in some people’s eyes you are not perfect.

Take time every day to appreciate what you have. There has to be parts of your body that you find sexy, lovely, pretty. Then dress to show those parts off. If you think you have pretty hair, then make sure you up do it often. Lovely hands, polish those nails. As you start to see yourself as pretty you will find more parts of your body that were hidden behind a veil becoming more lovely to you. It’s not a fast process but it does help self esteem.

When you explore BDSM either through online, books or face-to-face meetings, realize that every single person has some sort of insecurities that you probably don’t know about. Also, there are other curvy people there trying to learn and do exactly what you are. The good thing? There are people who love curvy people looking for partners!

Take it slow, learn what you can about yourself and what your needs might be, use as a reference until you feel confident that you are able to take a step out the door and into a munch. Embrace the whole you – even if you aren’t sure what all of that is yet.

I wish you the best.


Darlene asks,

Can some one have a submissive/dominate relationship without recognizing it? How would you know?

Sure they can. A lot of relationships have some level of it but they don’t call it D/s because they don’t know anything about it. It’s just the way their relationship is. The thing is once they start reading or learning about D/s then it becomes known and oftentimes things click for them. It’s like a light bulb going off or an “ah-ha” moment.

If you are an outsider looking in though you could notice that one of the partners has a higher level of decision making power, that the other always defers to them. Or you may not notice anything at all.

D/s is a normal relationship style for many people not into kink. Someone has a lot of the control in the relationship and the other is more passive and obedient. The 50′s housewife model is a common example for a D/s style relationship type. The man goes out and makes the money and social networking while the woman stays home, cares for the children, the home and makes sure the dinner is always ready when he comes home and a fresh cool drink is poured while he reads his newspaper sort of life.


Today is not the day I can sit down and have something to write about.

Well, that’s not true. I do have something to blog about but Master doesn’t want me to share it. It’s happy news and something we’ve waited a long time for. So,even if you don’t know what it is, be happy for us. It’s been a long long road.

It’s time to start saving for moving expenses and this time we’d like to not have to do it all by ourselves. Hopefully we can start looking for a place in late April-early May for July. Is that too soon? I hate feeling like I’m leaving it to the last minute. It’s so questionable with the homes for rent that are listed on craigslist right now. We definitely have to go to the town and drive around I’m sure.

My slutty behavior has come back for a visit and I hope it’s a long one. I feel so happy and relaxed when I feel this way. I know Master isn’t going to object to my current attitude either. Heh.

That’s about it I guess. Maybe I’ll have something introspective soon.



Sasha asks:

So, I have been wondering ever since I started reading your blog. I assume the KM has to do with your Dominant’s name. But where did Luna come from? Did your Master pick it? Was there signifigance? Also wondering about the signifigance and origin of Froggy being called Froggy. Are they nicknames, or do you use them all the time? I offered my name when I got collared because I had heard of people being renamed, but Master prefered my given name. I do have part time names. I have one for when I am online to protect my identity, but it is more of an alias. And seeing as I am into part time Daddy/babygirl AND part time pet play, my little and my puppy both have names. But yours seem pretty consistent. Sorry if this seems silly or if it is a well known subject, but I am in rural IN with no munches or community near.

I have talked about where my name comes from before, but there’s no reason not to do it again. My name was part of a username I used in the chat room where KM and I met. My full nickname was lunaEtoile. When I moved offline and into groups I decided that luna would be my scene name as well. The only significance is that I was majoring in Spanish in college and wanted to use a Spanish word. (I was also taking French which is where Etoile comes from.)

Froggy let me know where her name came from so here is that story. She’s an avid frog item collector. She has pictures and sculpture and knick knacks all with frogs on them. When she got into BDSM it was discovered she couldn’t stay still in play and was always “hopping around”. She even added in her story, “when I orgasm I used to kick my legs out like a frog would do when jumping from pad to pad!”

The names are our scene names and are used whenever we are in BDSM public situations, however I know I call froggy, “froggy” in private too because once you call someone their scene name for awhile, the real name doesn’t come as easily. Luna is now my legal middle name; I had it added when KM and I married. And KM is short for KnyghtMare – no that’s not his real name either!


Master is letting his facial hair grow. I love facial hair and now that he’s decided that since his girls love it he might as well try to keep it I am taking every opportunity I get to run my fingers through it. Yummy. It makes me all tingly in the girl parts.

But that’s not all. He wants me to groom him, to shave and shape it up. I’m excited about doing this bit of service for him. I don’t plan on learning any fancy tricks, just have to know if it is any different than shaving the parts of me that I shave. I’m guessing not, but we’ll see.

Master can’t grow a full face of hair, but he has a lovely mustache and goatee so there won’t be a lot of cheek hair to remove. I’m really looking forward to it starting to grow in. He says he’s never tried to see how much will grow and always assumed that there wasn’t enough, but I think these past few weeks have proven he can have a lovely bit of facial hair.

Mmm. I just love a man with facial hair.


Dominant Hunting

I’ve got two questions that are similar enough for me to try and answer them together.

What are the best resources you know of to find a potential new master? I know you’ve been with KM for a long time, but I’m searching for my Dom, and not quite sure where to start. I hate all the phonies.


I am new to BDSM and was just wondering if it were possible to be happy in the “Scene” without finding a lifetime partner? I have so far only found men who are looking for a quick hook-up and have nothing to do with BDSM and I am starting to think maybe finding a partner in BDSM is a pipe dream? Any suggestions? Thank You very much.

First, I always have to say that finding a Dominant is the same as finding a partner of any other sort, you just have more compatibility to have to match up. Everyone has different dating lives (the duration you date before you find “the one”) so there is no way to force that to be shorter.  It’s just life.

With that said, finding a Dominant specifically requires you to go where they are. You can find them in at least these three places.

1. BDSM groups. Most larger areas have at least one BDSM munch group, party group or a convention. If you are active in the scene you will encounter single people of all types that already identify as Dominant or submissive.

2. Online BDSM dating sites and communities/chat rooms. The online dating scene is huge and of course you will find fakes mixed in with genuine people – but you will in the regular dating scene as well. Keep working through them and eventually you will find the real article. If you need to know where these online communities are, just use your favorite search engine and use the words ‘BDSM dating’ or ‘BDSM chat’.

3. Vanilla dating sites and vanilla places but they don’t openly identify as Dominant. These are harder to find of course, but they do exist. Dating a Dominant vanilla person and turning them on to kink isn’t unheard of – just difficult or impossible.

Now, is it possible to be happy in the “scene” while single? Sure it is. You just have to find what makes you happy about being single. Perhaps you love to volunteer your time to the BDSM group near you, be independent in your play partner selection and casually enjoy kink without the relationship trappings. It’s up to you how you handle being single.

Favorite Memory

Anonymous asks:

What is your favorite memory from the beginning of your and KnyghtMare’s relationship?

I honestly have quite a few memories that float through my head from the beginning of our relationship. The “firsts” are always going to be there, from the first time I laid eyes on him in the airport, to our first real date, to the first time we had sex and the first time we played.

I think my favorite memory and the one that changed my life is the day he decided he wasn’t getting back on that plane and going “home.”

He told me that he was home and wanted to be with me. We spent the day snuggling and talking about our fears and the future, about what could and might be and celebrating each other.


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