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I’m Back Baby!

UTI is gone, period is done and I’m horny. Oh and Master has been very welcoming of my sluttiness again. And I enjoy being a slut for him, definitely. I’m going to keep it going too since this year is the Year of the Slut.

I’m also needing to get back into exercising. I would have done it today but I started to feel icky and tired mid-day so tomorrow it is! My target is to exercise before Master gets up in the morning.

He’s taking the day off tomorrow, not that it matters completely since he works from home – I’m not starved for his presence, but this means I’m going to enjoy being with him again tomorrow. More slut behavior is destined to ensue.

Master has pegged me with having “baby” fever but not for children but for pets. I’ve been checking out cats and dogs at the shelter. I have an issue in that we have no room for another litter box right now. Ah well, soon perhaps he will get me another cat.

So, tales of sexual debauchery are sure to come.


As of right now I have taken my last antibiotic. And let me tell you I’m so glad. Not that my UTI is gone (although it is), but that the common side effects I’ve been suffering are going to be gone by the end of the day too. I’ve essentially had a severe headache and upset stomach since I started the meds. And logic would be to call the Dr and get different meds, but these were $47 and that’s painful for a frugal budget. So I decided to suffer through the 5 day treatment.

I hate that I’ve not got any work done really except between pills in what I called the “twilight hours” where I felt just good enough to get things done but knew it wouldn’t last. I’ve been able to keep up on the housework, a little bit of blogging here and there and lots of planning – because my mind wouldn’t stop working even if it is throbbing.

And I’ve been napping a lot too just to escape the sick feeling. Master has been so very patient and helpful. I adore that man. Not an hour goes by that he doesn’t check on me or ask if there is anything he can do for me. It’s not a dominant thing, it’s a loving caring husband thing. And it’s the sweetest moments for me right now.

So, while I complete recovery I’m going to try and relax, or get some work done, whichever I can accomplish at the time.



Weigh In

Monday weigh in time: I’m down 1.5 lbs from last week! That sets me at 7.5 lbs down for the challenge and 12.5 lbs to go.

Burning Hell

So I have had a problem this week that has made it really hard to do much of anything; I’ve had a urinary tract infection. I just got meds yesterday and the common side effects are killer which make me want to crawl in bed and sleep the day away.  Good news is that the infection is going away, bad news is that I have 4 days left of meds to get through.

We get to see froggykm tomorrow which I know we are both looking forward to. I really hope that I feel a bit better so that I don’t drag the atmosphere down.

I’m going to retire the night.


Thursday January 24, 2013

Breakfast – 2 servings Cream of Rice with 1.5 tbsp margarine and 2 tbsp. brown sugar splenda

Lunch – 3 pieces of toast with strawberry jam, 2 pickles, 4 oz chicken lunchmeat, 2 slices Havarti

Dinner- Pot roast with carrots, mashed potatoes and gravy

Water – 102 oz

Exercise – ?


Here’s the thing with needing to exercise. When you feel miserable exercise is the last thing on your mind. I’m just starting antibiotics for a urinary tract infection and I have massive PMS. Blah. There’s no way exercise is on my plate.

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Wednesday January 23, 2013

Breakfast – none

Lunch – Large chef salad from grocery salad bar with french dressing, 2 pickles

Dinner – 1 lg chicken breast roasted, 1.5 cups carrots, 1 medium baked potato

Water – 80 oz

Exercise – none


I’ve fallen off the fitness wagon. I’m going to get back on Thursday. I promise. Water needs to go back up. I can tell I’m thirsty now at anything under 90 oz. It’s all about steps I can maintain and merge into my everyday life so these little setbacks are just a notice that I need to stay focused.

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I’m working this first quarter of the year on lowering our grocery budget to $100 a week. Right now we spend $150 a week. I feel that it’s an insane amount of money for 2 people for food and household goods. I could be wrong but I feel I can trim it down.

So my first goal is to reduce the amount that is budgeted by 10% each month until I reach $100 a week. This week was my first attempt and the total for groceries today was $136.84. If I can keep our groceries at that number next week I’ll be on target for the first 10% reduction. February will be another 10% which will bring it down to $120.

What this means is I need to learn to use the food I have in the pantry before buying more, learn how to use leftovers or cook so that there are no left overs. I’m already good at making chicken stock and bread so I should see what else I can save money on by making it instead of buying it premade.

Also, I need to learn to shop sales better and stockpile common used items when they are on or below the set price. That way I’m paying the least amount of money on an item that will last us 6 months instead of 1 week and then going back to full price.

I got a question about a month ago in my email about why I’m trying to be frugal and cost effective as well as using green cleaners if Master makes enough that I don’t have to work. The answer is simple. He makes the money, and it is my duty to make sure that his money goes as far as possible and that we aren’t wasting it needlessly. It is also a good feeling to know that I’m reviving a homemaking simpler life that seems to have faded from existence.

That means I’ll continue to learn more about how to stretch dollars, care for the home without chemicals and make sure Master is still fulfilled and happy.

It’s good to be a slave.


Tuesday January 22, 2013

Breakfast – Cranberry Juice Cocktail, 3 egg omelette with cheese and turkey bacon

Lunch – large chef salad from salad bar with french dressing

Dinner – Chicken Tikka Masala over zuchinni and mushrooms, 3 poppadom

Water – 90 oz

Exercise – 30 mins WATP


Still going but I’ve fizzled out on the fitness challenge. I need to get back on track with that. I have the emails, just don’t open them and do what it says to do. Fitness is key to my weight loss efforts. I must do it to continue losing.

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