Master gave me permission to run the minecraft server that he and his partner have. They even reset the server and we are setting up the starting area before others join. It’s a lot of work but I’m having fun too. Hopefully people will enjoy playing on the server. It’s a teamwork server so you have to be willing to help others out if they ask for it and I hope to have server-wide building projects (casual, help if you want) to work on also. If you play minecraft send me a message, I’ll get you the details.

I got a lot of housework done today. I’m always amazed at what I can accomplish when I set the timer and try to do as much as possible within that time frame. I just have the vacuuming and dusting to do tomorrow!

I’m almost ready to get started on Nanowrimo. I have several topics to cover but not nearly enough. I guess I’ll have to farm through FetLife for ideas soon. I’m aiming for around 1500 words a day which in posts would be around 3 posts a day. That’s 2/3 more than I do right now ;P

I’ve already got a pain management plan in place too – wrist braces every night and aleive every day. That should get me through the month without too much complaint.

Oh, Master has started re-implementing the butt plug rule. I’ve worn it for a few hours a day for 3 days now. Last night I actually managed 8 hours! I’ve complained about it and to be honest I shouldn’t. It’s not like it’s a big deal or that he’s making me wear uncomfortable ones (sorry froggyKM). He has narrow necked heavy ones picked out for me and dialaters for froggyKM. I love my NJoy plug and want the large one at some point.

I think what has me complaining (and that should stop) is that it’s not a sexual thing for me – but that shouldn’t matter. I need to put in front that I do it because I want to please him and doing this makes him happy. He also gets the benefit of having an easier time with anal sex if my ass is used to something there. ¬†Ultimately I should be pleased that he’s wanting me to ¬†do this for him and I just need to get past the knee jerk reaction that it’s “inconveniencing, or uncomfortable, or I don’t wanna!”

Master has been depressed today. It’s getting hard on him, and us, that he’s still healing from the dry air doing a number on his sensitive skin. We’ve had sex 3 times in the past month. But we’ll survive and when he’s better we will make up for it.