October 2012

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Things That Go Bump

Happy Halloween everyone. I hope the ghouls and goblins had fun tricking and treating today.

I’ve been busy getting ready for the writing insanity which starts in mere hours (although I won’t start till tomorrow morning). I don’t feel nearly as ready as I did last year, but I have a plan and experience to back me up.

I will be taking Alieve everyday to prevent or postpone possible carpal tunnel inflammation. I will wear my braces every night to help keep them straight and relaxed.

I will work from my desk and not the couch. It will feel more important there and I’ll be in a better posture.

To make sure I’m still doing cleaning, I will write for 20 mins and clean/break for 10. Rinse and repeat until the day’s cleaning is done.

I have to get Master’s permission yet but I’m hoping to have a gaming break in the middle of the day to help keep me sane. We’ll see on that one.

My daily goal is at least 1200 words. My goal for the month is 30K. I know I have a few days where writing will be impossible due to other commitments.  Hopefully I will not slack off and will reach my goal every day that I can.

In other news, froggy is coming up this weekend. We have a munch to attend where I’m presenting on flogger crafting and selection.  Then I don’t know what we are doing.

I have resigned from the group board, it’s time I focus on things that won’t cause me unnecessary stress.  I was always working for them on loan from Master and he has revoked that time loan. I’d say I’m going to miss it, but for the most part I felt like I was doing a lot of work for nothing.

My mom had her first eye surgery for cataracts Tuesday and she still has to give me an update but it went fine. She has her other eye done in 2 weeks. The doctor says she’ll be able to see without glasses when it’s all done. She’ll need reading glasses though. It will be wonderful to know that she can see again. It’s been scary knowing that she’s driving… and that’s putting it nicely.


Just the Life I Lead

Master and I went to a new group forming in the area this weekend. They don’t have demos or discussions just yet but they are planning them. We attended to get to know the others in the area and to see how other groups are forming. This one was a lot more organized and formal as far as the administration. I think we’ll be returning.

The group that we frequent the most has had a shift of drama and I’ve resigned from the board. It was beyond a conflict of interests really and I’ll not talk about it.

But I will still hold the submissive forum every month, just not associated with the group. I like being a place of safety and conversation for submissives to learn more about themselves and I think it’s an important thing to have around here.

Nanowrimo starts in 2 days. I think I’m ready. I don’t have a ton of things drawn out and organized, but I have ideas, so it might just be writing in fits and starts. If today is any example I’ve written almost 2000 words today. If I can keep that up…. maybe just maybe I’ll reach my goal.


Yesterday was my 35th birthday. And I was depressed. For some reason I just hate getting older and the past 2 years Master has had to dig me out of my dull-drums to realize that getting older means nothing (by reminding me how young he is sometimes).

So, I started the day as normal…. some light cleaning and grocery shopping. Asked if I could just play minecraft all day and he agreed I could relax. I never got to the minecraft but I can say I didn’t do anything worthwhile!

Then he said we could go shopping and asked me what I wanted. I don’t have any huge desires so I asked him for a dollar amount and I’ll just stick to that. He let me have $100.

We wandered Target and anything I picked up as a “oh we need that” or “we should replace this” he said no to. It was to be a want day, not a need day. So what did I get?

  • Three new lipsticks on my favorite shades because they had dried up.
  • Hair color because I need to redo mine. The shade I picked is light auburn meant for dark hair. I can’t wait to be red!
  • A stylus for my iPad
  • New ear buds
  • A stylus and ear buds pouch that goes on my iPad smart cover to keep everything together!

I got a red cardigan from mom, but she said she has more when I see her tomorrow. Master doesn’t like the cardigan and I’ve not passed judgement yet. I don’t have a decent shirt to wear under it right now, so I will have to ask for one when I find the perfect match.

Then I got my period. Thanks Mother Nature.

Oh but there was cake! Master made a GF box mix cake and while it was dense and dry – as all GF stuff tends to be, it tasted like cake and I’ll have more in a moment because it sounds so good!

So, all told, I had a good day. I’m such a spoiled slut!



I feel a bit like a sexless being while Master still recovers from really dry skin in sensitive places. I’m trying very hard not to attract attention to Master and the sexual arousal I tend to drive in him.

And as a result he’s not happy with me. I’m sexless and disinterested in sex. Apparently I’m working against his recovery. I need to remember to be just as I was before this happened.

Attractive, horny, lusty.

He’s really testy, always wanting to know more than the basic answers – he’s probing me constantly. Like I am just not giving him enough transparency. I am not sure what’s going on with me but I’m about ready to burst.

I need my Master back but he doesn’t realize he’s missing. His physical ailments have changed him. He’s more cautious, he’s not as flirty or spontaneous.

I think I’m going to lose it.


Stress and de-stress

I was Miss Busy Bee today.  Got errands done and picked up Master’s lunch while I was out. I got my eyebrows waxed too. If any of you ladies do that, you know how much prettier you feel without the extra stragglers above your eyes. I love getting my brow waxed. Master also approved getting a manicure but it was already 2pm when I got his lunch so I just skipped it. I’ll have to ask again later on.

Froggy is coming up tomorrow and is spending the night. Master already warned me that when he puts us to bed that we’d better go to sleep instead of treating it like a sleep over. Gosh Master, you put to girls to bed they are going to chat! I look forward to seeing Froggy every time she comes up – but also, by extension, the private time I get when they are off playing. It’s just something odd I look forward too.

My mom called me tonight to tell me that they had to cancel her cataract surgery because her EKG came back with evidence of a silent heart attack. She has to see a specialist. I’m worried, but all she can see right now is that her surgery had to be postponed. She also has hip problems and needs another cortisone shot in her back for her crushed discs. All of these specialist visits are not going to be cheap, even with good health insurance. I asked Master if we could pay for a few co-payments that she has for the specialists and he said yes, with conditions.

See, my mom likes to spend money, oftentimes money she doesn’t have. So we have to get some sort of guarantee that the money we give her will be used for these doctor visits. I’ll talk with her on Friday when I see her for my birthday.

Birthday is Wednesday, btw. I’m not really looking forward to it. Master is making me a gluten-free cake from a mix. I hope it tastes alright. I’ll have to get ice cream to drown it if it doesn’t. :P We have a Pentatonix concert to go to on the 10th that I’m really looking forward to. I’ve not been to a concert since Michael Bolton was a big thing. Yes I’m that old.

I had a glutening bout today, around mid-day. I’m feeling mostly better now but I had the worst stomach cramps. Ick. I think it was the apple cider mix I got to try yesterday. I’m going to ditch the rest of the box just in case.

That’s about it for tonight. I’m going to rest and relax.


Everyday Life

Staring at a blank page, digital or not is hard when you have nothing to say. But here I am trying to wax poetic and make something out of nothing.

And really nothing new or exciting has happened recently.

We had the maintenance man in yesterday to fix the toilet and then again today because it wasn’t fixed right the first time. We had the heating guy in to make sure we don’t have a leak because we were smelling funky rotten egg smell. Apparently a new furnace might have an odd smell.

The toilet still isn’t fixed right, so we’ll have to have it looked at again or just remember to jiggle the handle for awhile.

See, isn’t this exciting?

M/s life isn’t always sex and play. So we are just doing life, everyday life.


Minecraft Clean-up

Master gave me permission to run the minecraft server that he and his partner have. They even reset the server and we are setting up the starting area before others join. It’s a lot of work but I’m having fun too. Hopefully people will enjoy playing on the server. It’s a teamwork server so you have to be willing to help others out if they ask for it and I hope to have server-wide building projects (casual, help if you want) to work on also. If you play minecraft send me a message, I’ll get you the details.

I got a lot of housework done today. I’m always amazed at what I can accomplish when I set the timer and try to do as much as possible within that time frame. I just have the vacuuming and dusting to do tomorrow!

I’m almost ready to get started on Nanowrimo. I have several topics to cover but not nearly enough. I guess I’ll have to farm through FetLife for ideas soon. I’m aiming for around 1500 words a day which in posts would be around 3 posts a day. That’s 2/3 more than I do right now ;P

I’ve already got a pain management plan in place too – wrist braces every night and aleive every day. That should get me through the month without too much complaint.

Oh, Master has started re-implementing the butt plug rule. I’ve worn it for a few hours a day for 3 days now. Last night I actually managed 8 hours! I’ve complained about it and to be honest I shouldn’t. It’s not like it’s a big deal or that he’s making me wear uncomfortable ones (sorry froggyKM). He has narrow necked heavy ones picked out for me and dialaters for froggyKM. I love my NJoy plug and want the large one at some point.

I think what has me complaining (and that should stop) is that it’s not a sexual thing for me – but that shouldn’t matter. I need to put in front that I do it because I want to please him and doing this makes him happy. He also gets the benefit of having an easier time with anal sex if my ass is used to something there.  Ultimately I should be pleased that he’s wanting me to  do this for him and I just need to get past the knee jerk reaction that it’s “inconveniencing, or uncomfortable, or I don’t wanna!”

Master has been depressed today. It’s getting hard on him, and us, that he’s still healing from the dry air doing a number on his sensitive skin. We’ve had sex 3 times in the past month. But we’ll survive and when he’s better we will make up for it.


Ya. Um. Sure.

I have such a headache today and it just won’t go away. Because of that I don’t have a lot to say.

Master and I have been playing a lot of Minecraft. Love it! I’m so addicted.

Other than that, we tried sex yesterday even though he’s not all the way healed. It was nice but definitely looking forward to brutal pounding time again.

Off to rest.


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